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We design a website that reflects the dreams in your eyes!

Your website is the face of your brand! Since you are here, we think that you are seeking to revamp your existing website or getting a brand new one designed. Either way, your website should have the ability to recite an engaging story about your business goals and aspirations, and grab and hold the attention of your target audience effortlessly. At logicsofts, we excel in telling your story the way you want to!

Why us?

Abhay and Sam are the face behind logicsofts! Sam is a technical expert and knows the ins and outs of designing an effective website that meets your ideologies and expectations. Abhay, a digital marketing expert, makes sure that your website is all set to meet the new age digital marketing challenges head on!

One thing common between them is the dedication to deliver the best results. Being business owners, they know an efficient website must have the power to garner attention, facilitate engagement and lead to conversion. Dealing with a rich array of clients from diverse geographical locations and industries, they say each day is a positive learning experience!




Digital marketing

Your website - as unique as you are!

As you know, when it comes to websites, one design doesn't fit all! Every industry or business comes with unique rules of engagement and challenges. There are different factors to consider, including the location and behavioural patterns of the target audience. We strive to gather in-depth insights about your business, and design a purpose driven website to showcase and optimise your true potential. We love what we do, and our team has a rich experience creating websites that are a perfect mix of aesthetics and functionality. Communication is our commitment, and we ensure that you are kept in the loop every step of the web design process.

Gathering inputs about the nature of your business, business goals, target audience and your ideas.

Do basic/advanced scoping and completing the documentation process.

Share the wireframes and interactive prototype for your review and suggestions.

Content strategy is established after an interactive brainstorming* session.

*Applicable to advanced or full-scale websites only

Type of website designs we offer

We believe in democratizing digital services so that they are accessible to everyone. Keeping this in mind, our web design packages cater to all businesses, ranging from start-ups to established entities.


[Ideal for basic website design]
  • Understand your business
  • Select pre-designed wireframes
  • Define basic scope of work
  • Content Architecture & Planning
  • Basic web design and deployment

price starts from $599


[Ideal for advanced website design]
  • Understand your business
  • Defined advanced scope of work
  • Complete RFI documentation
  • Customise designs
  • Share interactive prototypes: XD and Figma
  • Brainstorm and finalise designs
  • Content architecture and planning
  • Advanced web design and deployment

price starts from $1199


[Ideal for full-scale website design]
  • Understand your business
  • Define advanced scope of work
  • Complete RFI documentation
  • Complete RFQ documentation
  • Share sitemap & clickable
  • Customise designs
  • Share interactive prototypes: XD and Figma
  • Brainstorm and finalise designs
  • Content architecture and planning
  • Advanced web design and deployment

price starts from $2399

Our work demonstrates our breadth of experience

We work with new businesses on a regular basis giving us an opportunity to learn new things, business verticals and helping us to expand and grow. We’ve helped many businesses to accomplish their digital marketing targets, pleaser have a look at some of them:

Professional bio-cleaning, fire damage, flood restoration and extreme cleaning solutions that you can trust.

View case study

Our mission is to reduce plastic waste plaguing our planet and the poverty of some of the poorest people in the world in the process.

View case study

The remarkable success of The Frux Golf World Tour was the inspiration for Frux Events.

View case study

Logicsoft's web design features

Your website is an interactive communication channel between your business and your target audience. It should be attractive enough to grab attention and engaging enough to generate leads. Logicsofts strives to give you a website that is both user friendly and informative.

User interface & experience

We provide a user friendly website that is easy to manoeuvre, operate and manage.

Responsive design

As the attention span of a user is mostly short, we ensure your website gives the best experience on all kinds of devices and browsers.

Backend flexibility

We simplify the backend frameworks, making it easier for you to integrate with other technology stacks.


Transparency is the dramatic effect created when a colour block, text or image is desaturated. This can make a web design stunning and aesthetically pleasing.

Blog & News

Our bespoke designs for blogs and new channels are user friendly and adaptable to all screens and devices.

Social media widgets

As social media is the powerhouse of generating leads, we provide fast and powerful plugins to link websites to social media handles for increased engagement.

Newsletter subscription

We provide simple and quick sign up forms, if you wish to encourage your readers to subscribe to your newsletters.

Portfolio module

An impressive portfolio helps bring more prospects! We install plugins that showcase your success stories in visually appealing layouts.

Advanced search

We make user interaction easy and quick with our high-end search and advanced search interfaces.

Basic ecommerce

We help you take your brand to the doorstep of your target audience, with simple and trustworthy user interfaces. Perfect for start-ups taking a tentative foray into the market.

Advanced ecommerce

We provide powerful and comprehensive features and interfaces that showcase the full potential of your E-commerce site.

Payment integration

We help setting up payment gateways for a safe, seamless and secure user experience.

Live chat

We facilitate easy and personal real time communication by setting up efficient and interactive interfaces.

Video integration

We help provide a powerful visual experience for your users, by integrating videos seamlessly into the website layout.

Domain name

With the right analysis of your business goals and target audience, we help you choose a domain name that best represents your brand.

Turbo-Hosting Set-up

We help you with high performance web hosting solutions and fine tune it to fit your needs.

G-Suite Professional

If you prefer, we integrate G-Suite with your website design to enable cloud hosted software with interactive features and cloud storage functions.

Microsoft 365 email setup

We integrate Microsoft 365 plugins in web design to simplify the email communication process for users.

Analytics and Tracking

Be on top of your web traffic measurement game with our interactive analytics and tracking features.

16 Steps to designing an awesome website

Download checklist

Our web designs feature dynamic and latest technology

HTML 5, React Js, Angular JS, Vue Js, Elementor, Divi

We deploy powerful tools

Adobe XD, Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, Draw io

Our web design process

Your website is the visual representation of your brand. It should effectively communicate your ideologies, passion and aspirations to your prospects. So, our web design process is comprehensive and transparent.

1. Planning

The first part involves us understanding your business goals and requirements. Those initial discussions, decisions and mapping will set the stage for the final web design.

2. Design

This is where we convert concepts discussed into wireframes and interactive design prototypes. This will establish if everyone is on the same page with regards to the design.


This is when the real game begins! We start implementing the prototypes and wireframes into actual designs with apt themes, interactive plugins and interfaces.

4. Launch

The big day is here, and your website is ready to be launched. However, this stage involves extensive testing of all features and interfaces to ensure a seamless experience to your users. No compromises!

Entrust your website needs to logicsofts - we talk the talk and walk the walk!


Hands on experience

With over 11+ years of experience in the digital marketing domain, we are better placed to build websites that can meet the digital marketing challenges heads on, and bring out the true potential of your brand.


In-depth knowledge

As we specialise in digital marketing services, we bring our expertise on social media platforms, SEO, Google Ads, email marketing, growth automation and effective content strategy to the web design table.


Bespoke designs

We customise a web design to fit, after an in-depth study about the unique aspects of your industry/business. We invest a significant amount of time and efforts to create an optimised website that also meets your expectations.



We give you the option to hire us for the web design process alone or select a digital marketing package to enrich the process further. You have the flexibility to choose a package that best suits your requirements and budget.


Best user experience

We strive to give your users the royal treatment they deserve! Our web design and development expertise will make sure that your users enjoy a seamless experience the whole time they spend on your website.


Dedicated team

Technology keeps changing everyday! By proactively staying tuned to the technological advancements, our team loves staying one step ahead. With the right applications and tools, they strive to deliver a stellar output every time.


Positive digital impact

We believe an aesthetic user friendly website and a bespoke digital marketing package is the right way to establish an impactful digital presence and enable optimal growth. With us, you can get easy access to effective digital marketing tools, resources and an enthusiastic digital marketing team.


Open communication

We keep the communication channels open and honest. We follow a clear, concise and transparent communication model, to make sure that we are on the same page every step of the way.


Real testimonials

As we put our hearts and souls into the process, we love reading positive testimonials as much as you do! And, our customers never disappoint. These positive reviews strengthen our commitment to deliver the best always!


At Logicsofts, bespoke web design is the way of life! We customise you a web design to fit, after an in-depth study of your specific requirements, target audience and business goals. A fixed price tag doesn't work for the simple reason that every business is different. Each website has a unique set of features, plugins, applications and tools. Talk to our team for a customised web design to fit your needs and budget. Our digital marketing packages start at as little as $500 per month.

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The length of time it takes to design a functional website is typically 6 - 12 weeks. The timelines vary depending on the complexity of the project and the number of pages, features and plugins required. On an average, it takes us 3 - 4 weeks to customise a web design and an additional 4 - 6 weeks to develop. This timeline includes the revisions you require at every stage. If you have a timeline in mind, we will try to accommodate it to the best of our ability.

We support XHTML, CSS, Flash, JavaScript, DHTML, XML and PHP. If you have a specific requirement in mind, we will make it a reality with our dynamic network of support partners who specialise in additional services.

From planning to development stage, we provide you access to our development server to monitor the web design progress. You are free to suggest changes and modifications during this period, and our team will do the necessary revisions. Your approval will be sought at each stage and on completion. Once the final design is approved, we make preparations to make the site live. Any major design changes at this stage will be charged extra.

Templates are ideal only if you are in a rush to complete your website. We do not recommend them generally, as most templates don't conform to user friendliness and SE indexing guidelines. Templates are not unique, and it might cost you more to modify a standard template to suit your needs.

For small projects, the general guideline we follow is 50 : 50 i.e 50% before the design stage commences and 50% on final approval. For multifunctional websites with more features, we require 1/3rd of the final cost before the design stage, 1/3 halfway through and the final 1/3rd on approval.

Content planning and strategy are separate services we offer. If you want this as part of your package, we can customise it into your web design plan and draft SEO friendly content.

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