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Plastic Collectors

Plastic Collector unites people to clean up the environment and receive bonuses for collected plastic. Plastic waste has a real value, which can drive recycling ecosystems around the world and prevent plastic from finding its way into landfill and our oceans.


Website Development, Token gateway, Email Automation, Content Marketing, Social Media Organic Marketing

Project overview

Plastic Collectors group wanted a portal where users can join and register themselves. They can then identify and collect plastic on behalf of plastic collectors. They in turn will get bonuses to deliver the waste to their collection points. They are more focussed on third world countries where plastic waste is a huge problem and unemployment is also a major issue. This solution perfectly fits the model where they get employment and the environment also gets cleaned.

Our approach

  • A massive challenge was to develop a customisable solution to meet the unique needs of the stakeholders. We had to carefully choose the target market for both plastic collectors and investors.
  • A token system was introduced for investors who can help the environment by investing and generating employment. As the portal gets more plastic collectors and collection points get busier, the token value increases overtime. Thus giving decent return to the investors for investing for this cause
  • We custom coded the ‘ticker’ by capturing various numbers, stats and research papers. The numbers are displayed on the home page which shows the Kgs of plastic collected worldwide.
  • Token payment gateway was implemented where investors can purchase a package and can pay via card ( stripe gateway was deployed ), Paypal, bitcoin, ETH and Litecoin
  • As the stakeholders wanted to educate the users and audiences of the need and the benefits we implemented a content marketing plan via blog marketing, social media which turned out to be a success and has generated maximum traffic from that strategy.

Final result





Outstanding growth

The client MVP product was launched in sync with the requirements and functionalities. Investors would invest, plastic collectors could join in and the marketing team could educate the users to generate awareness and funds to set up more and more collection points.

Clients witnessed 50-70% increase in traffic from month to month.

Token packages were presented in a very transparent way and certificates were developed in real time.

The client was happy with our work and this was another successful completed project.

Digital transformation stats growth comparison for 1 year: Total website traffic increased by 3539.45% (300% monthly growth) and organic (Google traffic ) increased by 32869.70% (2470% monthly growth)