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06 Mar 2020

When we talk about advertisements, many forget to include offline advertising. Though it’s clear that the world is going digital nowadays, we cannot deny the fact that newspapers are still a part of life in most Australian households and offices.

The newspaper advertisements have great potential when used in the right way. For small and medium scale businesses local to a region, newspaper advertisements will put them on the map in front of their prospects.

In this blog, we will see all about the newspaper advertisement costs in Australia with sample rates from a few newspapers. Before we start talking numbers, let’s have a look at the deciding factors that go into shaping the advertisement costs.


What Are the Factors Affecting the Cost of Newspaper Ads?

There are various factors that newspapers take into account to determine the cost. These elements will be taken into account together when deciding how your ad will cost.

1. The Size of the Advertisement

This is, of course, the most obvious one. Typically, larger ads will cost you more than the small ads, the reason being that the larger ads will grasp the reader’s attention better. The newspaper advertisements consider the length, height and width of the ads, which are the standard rectangular or square sized ads. Some newspapers offer non-standard size advertisements with round edges or ads in any other shape for which the pricing can be different.

2. The Newspaper on Which You Want Your Ad Placed

Every newspaper in Australia has a separate rating system and cost based on various factors. The local newspapers generally charge less than the national newspapers.

3. The Frequency of the Ads

It is as simple as it sounds. The more ads you wish to place in the newspaper, the cheaper it will get. So if you are planning to run some regular ads, you can talk with the newspaper, negotiate and strike a deal for a lesser price.

4. The Day You Want to Advertise

The costs of the newspaper ads also differ based on the day you want to advertise. As the newspaper circulation is more on the weekends when compared to the weekdays, the price for the ads is also higher. Among the weekends, some newspapers have a higher rate on Sundays in comparison to Saturdays while it’s the other way round for some others. It all boils down to the amount of circulation the newspaper gets on a particular day.

5. The Position of the Ad

If you want your advertisement to get placed on the front page of the newspaper, then you have to pay a high amount. If you wish to the same ad of the same size to get published on, say the seventh page, then the cost is comparatively lower. There are different pricing for the placement of the ad on specific pages on specific days.

This price difference is determined by the number of people who view the page. As the first page is seen by most people who buy newspapers, it’s higher. If you want the ad to be placed on the sports section at the time when there is news about a sensational match, then the price will be higher than the normal.

6. The Colour of the Ad

The price of the ads in colours is higher than in black and white ads. This is because of the ink cost that the newspapers have to bear for printing your ad in colour.


How Much Does it Cost to Advertise in a Newspaper?

Now that you are clear about all the factors that go into the determination of newspaper ads let’s see how much it is going to cost you. There is a specific structure of pricing the advertisements in newspapers that is inclusive of the factors mentioned above. This structure would determine the pricing based on a bunch of main factors that play a vital role in every ad.

Newspaper Ad Pricing Structure

The newspaper advertisement pricing varies based on people advertising too. If you are a regular, then you will be charged a lesser rate than the ones who rarely advertise. There are two types of pricing structures based on a few threshold.

1. Modular Pricing

modular pricing


This method of pricing considers the advertisement shape and size for finalizing the rate. Full page, 1/16 of a page, top of the page advertisements, 2-inch strip advertisements are some examples of the modular pricing ad types. Most newspapers charge based on modular pricing.

2. Price Per Column Inch

Source: The Washington Post


In this type of ad price determination, every column inch is taken into account. A specific price is fixed for every inch of a column. The total of all these inches multiplied by the cost per column inch will give you the total rate.

The Cost of Advertising in Newspapers

We cannot put the finger on a specific price for newspaper ads. It varies greatly based on the newspapers in which it gets published and their pricing policies. The average cost of advertising in a local newspaper can range between $600 to $3500 for a full-page ad based on the day of the advertisement and the amount of circulation the newspaper gets on a certain day.

When it comes to national newspapers, the price starts at $1000 for a full-page ad. To give you an idea, here is a cost comparison of a full-page advertisement in various newspapers.


  • The Sydney Morning Herald charges $70,752 for an ad placed in the News section from Monday to Friday, while the same ad will cost $88,480 on a Saturday.
  • The Age charges $54,400 for an ad placed in the News section from Monday to Friday, while the same ad will cost $59,104 on a Sunday and $81,184 Saturday.
  • The Australian charges $51,680 for an ad from Monday to Friday, while the cost of an advertisement on a Saturday is $92,072.

These rates are not inclusive of the GST and the price for ads in the sections of Entertainment, Traveller, Drive and other similar domains.

How Can You Get Discounts on Newspaper Ads?

For advertisements in newspapers, there is generally some room left for negotiation when your ad numbers are high.

1. Through Signing a Contract

If you are placing an ad as a one-time thing, then you cannot probably expect a discount.

For those planning to regularly post ads on the particular newspaper or have a string of ads to send out in a specific timeframe, then you can get a discount by signing a contract with the newspaper agency. Under the contract, you will agree to publish a certain amount of ads on specific dates and the newspaper will block these spaces for you.

But be careful while signing the contract. If you fail to meet the terms, then the newspaper can short-rate you.

2. As a Newcomer

Some newspapers try to rope in new advertisers and, therefore, can offer you lesser rates at the beginning. In this case too, you need to purchase a bunch of spaces at the beginning to leverage this newcomer discount.

3. By Utilizing the Unused Space

Sometimes, the newspaper may have blocked some space for an ad which, for some reason, was cancelled. So, instead of running with this blank space, some newspaper agencies will offer this ad space at a much cheaper rate. You can get a huge discount to run your ad on these unused spaces.

But please note that you cannot choose the location of the ad for this. Sometimes, your ad may even go unadvertised.

4. By Picking Local Newspapers That Cater to Your Audience

As we saw earlier, advertising in local newspapers is much cheaper than in national newspapers. This is true for publications too.

Hence, you can pick out a local newspaper or a publication that is specific to your niche that your target audience will buy and run your ad at a cheaper rate and get good conversions. Though this isn’t technically a discount, you can save money while using this strategy to run newspaper ads.


How to Get Maximum Coverage for Your Ads?

As you spend a considerable amount of money on newspaper ads, you need to know for sure that it’s all worth it. As marketers, we tend to gravitate towards the idea of maximizing the reach. So, if the cost of the ad doesn’t matter to you, then there are several ways by which you can maximize the reach of your advertisements.

1. By Increasing the Frequency of the Ads

One simple way to make sure that more people see your ads is through frequent newspaper advertisements. When you can get a good contract with the newspaper agency for lesser fees, you can increase your visibility with a decent investment on a long-term basis.

2. Getting the Ad Published in the Front Section of News

The front section of the news reaches the most attention in all kinds of newspapers by default. Even if a person isn’t buying or reading a newspaper, there are high chances for them to at least glance at the paper as they pass by. So, if you want to make sure that the money you spend on newspaper ads is worth it, then you can add some more bucks and get your ad placed on the front page.

3. Publishing on the Days When Circulation is Maximum

As we saw earlier, most newspapers have a higher circulation on weekends. You can quickly know this detail when you contact the newspaper agency. When you place your ad on such dates, it increases the number of people who view it. So you can maximize the coverage of your ad with just a single shot.

There are several more such strategies that you can use to get the best out of newspaper ads. It’s essential to spend some time analyzing the placement of the ad, the type of shape and, most of all, create content that makes the most out of the space you got. Go for a long-term strategy to avoid unnecessary wastage of money and plan your newspaper ad expenditure wisely.


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