How to create a WhatsApp link? (Step-by-Step)

22 Feb 2018
How to create a WhatsApp link? (Step-by-Step)

WhatsApp is one of the most used apps across the globe.

This free messenger service gained quick popularity because it is free and very easy to use. Its settings can be customized according to individual needs as well.

You can even create groups so that you do not have to repeatedly type the same message to send to various people. Instead, you can all talk virtually via texts easily, and all the information will be sent to the members of the group with just one message.

It started as a one-year free service, but as the time elapsed, it became free completely.

Not only can you chat, but you can also even voice call, and video calls your WhatsApp contacts for free. This means international calls for free!

Creating the link has been a question often looked up on Google, so here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Use this link to create your own click to chat link.

Step 2: Type in the person’s full phone number in the international format, but exclude brackets, extra zeros and dashes when typing the number.

Step 3: When you click that link, the chat box will be automatically activated and you can easily chat with the other person.

Step 4: If you want to create a link using a pre-filled message to open the chat, use this link

The Click to chat feature is new and very easy. It is functional on your mobile phones as well as WhatsApp web.

The important thing to keep in mind while using this feature is that it can only work on mobile numbers registered on WhatsApp, i.e., only WhatsApp numbers can receive texts from this service.

The links can be created for WhatsApp users and numbers registered on Whatsapp only.

The other thing to remember is that there are some other links that will not serve the purpose. Only the above mentioned two links will help you create the WhatsApp click to chat link.

This feature is new and only updated WhatsApp services will enable you to use this service. If your current WhatsApp app does not have this feature, you need to update it.

With the increase of social media shopping and online shopping (for example) WhatsApp click to chat feature can be seen as a boon.

You can easily create WhatsApp links with people you only need to stay in contact with temporarily and do not need to save unwanted contacts all the time.

Creating a new contact for a few days never happens, they stay in your phone for a long time, and then you forget why and how those contacts got into your phone.

This new feature will save you all of that trouble, and you can simply talk business with such temporary contacts.

For those who conducted such businesses and had to take up a separate phone and number for contacting customers, this feature will probably save you the trouble too!

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