How to Create a Logo if You’re Not a Designer

17 Feb 2022
How to Create a Logo if You’re Not a Designer

A logo is one of the most essential parts of a business, marketing and branding. So, if you are thinking of creating a logo for your brand, you need to make full efforts to create a masterpiece. Given the benefits a logo has to offer, making time and putting effort will definitely be worth it. 

Even if you do not have knowledge about designing, you can still create a professional logo. Here, you will find out how to create a logo from a logo generator if you’re not a designer- 

1. Research Your Company

In order to create a professional logo or a face for your brand, you must understand everything about your brand first. This step acts as a solid foundation to create a long-lasting and successful logo design. For that, researching your company is essential. 

Find your target customers 

Figure out who your ideal customers are and the target market as it will help you in understanding your vision better. If you have some customers already, talk to them, figure out what they like, age group, interests, lifestyle, buying decisions, reviews about your products or service, etc. 

Research your competitors

A great way of getting logo ideas for your business is by researching your competitors’ logos and websites. You can get inspiration from them but do not commit a blunder of copying their ideas. Your customers will get confused and might end up with your competitors.  

How can you describe your brand in three words?

Create a list of words that can describe your brand. For instance, Innovative, easy-to-use, friendly or Classy, Sophisticated, high-end, etc. 

Name and mission/slogan of the company

If you already have a company name or slogan, you can find ways to portray them through your professional logo. The slogan, as well as the logo, must describe what your business does and connect with people emotionally. 

Where will you use your logo?

Where your design will get displayed will have a huge impact on the designing part. If you have a consulting business, construction company, t-shirt business, or coffee shop, each of them needs a different kind of design. In the end, your logo must look attractive on every platform whether it is online, social media, print purposes, merchandise, products, etc. 

2. Learn More About Logos

Before you begin to create a professional logo on your own, let’s first find out more about logos. Yes, you can create a logo on your own. It is possible in minutes with an online logo generator tool. But first, you need to understand the basics of logo designs. 

To create a good logo, you must know what makes a good logo. There are certain elements that turn a logo into good or bad. 

Usually, the best and the most popular professional logos are simple, unique, memorable, versatile, timeless, and also perfect for the industry and target market of the company. A logo must be easily recognizable, memorable and should speak volumes about the brand. 

On the contrary, a bad logo will be based on trends, copied, complicated, too detailed, confusing, or hard to memorize. Also, they can be boring and generic. 

You can even create creative, fun logos but if they do not serve the main purpose of speaking about the company and its values, then it is just useless. 

There are three main types of logos designs that you can choose from- Words mark logos, monogram logos, and combination logos.  

3. Choose Logo Design Elements 

Now is the time to finally start creating your logo design. For that, you need to select a few design elements like colors, fonts, and symbols. In the end, these all elements must align with how you wish to portray your brand. 

Logo colors

Choosing colors for your logo is not as simple as you think. There are a lot of things in the back end that you need to understand if you want to create a professional logo, an amazing one. Keep in mind how your target audience will perceive the colors of the logo. Colors evoke certain emotions, so you need to choose colors wisely. 

Black symbolizes power, sophistication; blue is for professionalism and success; orange is for joy and optimism; yellow is cheery and youthful; red is a symbol of confidence, passion, ambition, etc. 

Also, a sophisticated and classy brand cannot use pink shades in its logo. They need black, white shades to create a classy look. In addition to this, a children’s toy brand cannot choose plain old colors, they need to be cheerful, and full of colors to impress their target audience. 

Logo Fonts

Similarly, fonts also have an impact on how a brand is perceived. So, let’s discuss some font types that you can choose from- 

Serif fonts

They are timeless and high-end. They attract a more mature demographic and are known to be classic. 

Sans-serif fonts

 They give a more cleaner and modern look. Also, these are easy to read and work well on various mediums.

Script fonts 

They add personality and look more feminine, elegant, and formal. These can be hard to glance at and remember but if created in a good way, they can make an iconic logo design. 

Logo Symbols

Symbols can be a more recognizable part of your logo design. Symbols are pictorial, geometric, and abstract. Whatever symbol that you choose must send a clear message and should not mislead your audience. 

For instance, if you run a bakery shop then using the pen as your symbol is a disaster. You should go for symbols that relate to your bakeries like cakes, pastry, or equipment. 

Also, the symbol should also match the color as well the font style that has been chosen. The overall look of the logo must stay consistent. 

4. Create A Professional Logo

Design a logo from start

You can create a logo from scratch with software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop but this is not a good option for people who do not understand designing basics. 

Pick a logo template and customize

If you are not a designer and want to create a professional logo fast, on budget, and easily. Then, a logo generator should be your first choice. Just open a logo maker, choose a template that fits your needs and customize any element you like. 

Hire a designer 

You can even hire a designer but it will be costly, and time-consuming. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the design, you will dump even more energy, time, and money. 

5. Evaluate and Integrate

Now that you have some logo options available, it is time to evaluate and choose. Keep in mind the best logos are scalable, memorable, responsive, versatile, timeless, and visually appealing too. 

Get some help from your friends, collages, family and ask for their honest opinion on the logo designs. See if they can tell from the logo, the things that you wanted to show such as mission, message, and values. Ask them to describe the logo in three words. After the feedback, you will know exactly what to do. Make necessary changes before going to the next step. 

Vector files are necessary as you will need them to scale your logo whenever you want. You should get your logo in SVG, EPS, or PDF format. 

At last, take the logo and integrate it into your brand. Use the logo online, on social media accounts, products, merchandise, business cards, brochures, etc.


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