Tips To Create A Successful Video

04 Feb 2020
Tips To Create A Successful Video

In this modern age, we are getting more and more addicted to video content. We spend a lot of time watching videos about various kinds of stuff. Various research and studies suggest that we spend over 5 hours per day just watching videos. To complement this fact let us tell you that YouTube has now become the second most searched website after Google. This shows how popular videos have become these days. Companies are also starting to take advantage of the human psyche and have started using video content for marketing purposes. Videos have started making inroads in digital marketing and proven to be a very successful and powerful promotional tool.

We can safely say that video content popularity is sky-high. But who would have thought that videos will emerge as a powerful tool for companies and organizations to promote their brands and stuff? This surge in demand can be attributed to the fact that people these days surf the internet for different sorts of videos for entertainment purposes. Here is where the video marketing strategy comes into play. Regardless of what you’re selling, if you produce something that engages viewers and catches their attention, they’ll surely acknowledge it.

The folks at 1minutemedia, a video production company in Sydney, have come up with these tips on how to create successful video content.

1. A Catchy Title

Let’s think of it like this, while browsing for videos you only click on those that grab your attention and you find it engaging. The same thing can be said while implementing a video marketing strategy. You need to make sure your viewer finds your video title engaging and interesting, otherwise he will just move on to another video. Try using relevant keywords and make sure your content is SEO friendly. This way your video will pop up more frequently which ultimately results in more views and exposure.

2. Utilize The First Few Seconds

So, you successfully managed to grab the attention of the viewer by providing a catchy title. What now? Let’s think of it this way, if you find the starting part of a video or movie boring or less entertaining, it is highly unlikely that you will go through the remaining portion. Same can be said for video marketing, the importance of a good introduction is extremely crucial. It should inspire and encourage the viewer to sit through the rest of the video. Studies show that 1/5th of the people move on to the next video before 10 seconds. The attention span is very short, so you need to bring your video to life quickly and gather interest as people scroll through their social media feeds.

3. Target Your Audience

When it comes to video content marketing you need to target your audience in-depth. You need to ensure that your video is reaching the concerned people. Facebook is a very handy platform for video marketing. You can target a specific audience based on age, gender, location, and languages. You can also target individuals by interest. This won’t limit your audience and users outside your interest group can also see your content.

4. Team Up With Other Brands

According to a recent study, 90 percent of people today prefer peer recommendations over company ads.

When a reputed influencer or a trusted brand recommends a product, it adds much-needed weight to it and makes it feel more trustworthy and reliable. CEO of Intuit Scott Cook once said that “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is-it is what consumers tell each other”.

5. Don’t Forget To Include The URL In The Video

You should always display the link which can lead the audience to your website in your video. It’s a great way for your product to get exposure. This will also increase the traffic which is generated to the website via your video.

6. Keep The Video Short And Simple

Refrain from making your video too long. People don’t have that much time these days. A longer duration video can completely offset your viewer’s interest and ruin the chances of a successful promotion. Plus, the less you say the likelier people are to remember. In this regard, shorter videos can serve as better marketing tools than longer ones.

7. Production Quality Should Be Top Notch

The quality of your video should be up to the mark. You need to make sure it is produced by a team of professionals who know what they are doing. Production quality includes everything from camera work to lighting, voiceovers, etc. We highly suggest you get the services of a video production company to ensure a high-quality video.

8. Create Some Hype

Creating some hype before launching a video can turn out to be an X-factor when it comes to video marketing. Why not build some hype before the launch by promoting it on your website and various other social media platforms, blog posts, etc. This way you can attract a lot of viewers before the launch of your video.

9. Ask Questions

Another good trick is to engage your audience and ask them some questions about the product you intend to promote in your video. Ask the viewers to answer in the reviews section or the comments section. This is a good way to keep your audience engaged throughout the whole video.

Final Thoughts

It is pretty much clear by now why video marketing is an essential tool for promoters. You can upload a video regarding your product or service, if you don’t have the means to promote it properly, your hard work will go in vain. Your brand’s popularity relies on the way you market your content. You must have an adequate video marketing strategy. You must be willing to follow a definitive set of rules and stick to them to get your videos right.

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