What to Write About? Content Marketing Ideas for Your Blog or Site

14 Jun 2021
What to Write About? Content Marketing Ideas for Your Blog or Site

What to write about is the famous question when you run out of ideas or do not have inspiration for elaborating on a particular topic, but it is easy to solve – if you follow the tips that we are about to share with you below.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced blogger, have a business, sell a product or service… you all sometimes suffer when it comes to finding topics to write about. It is a challenge that does not bypass even the most skilled in writing. Before you give up or resort to copy/paste methods (which we do not recommend!), follow the coming guidelines and tips and you will see how you will come up with many specific topics and ideas for writing in an instant. Furthermore, if you have found some beautiful theme or platform to create your blog yourself (yes, you don’t have to hire a programmer as the only option for building a website for your needs), then coming up with the topics you will write about will gain even more appealing dimension and attract visitors faster than you expected.

We compiled the list so that we divided it into categories – from experience and from conversations with several other bloggers, we realized that way is much easier to function and differentiate when what is supposed to be written, and we hope that it will be useful to all of you as well.

Quick view on categories:

  • Marketing topics
  • Personal stories
  • Business stories
  • Professional/expert topics
  • Inspiration
  • List

And bonus…

  • Additional writing ideas
  • Ideas for creating posts on social networks

At the same time, when you go through everything and read everything, you will realize that you have a large number of ideas and topics to write about, and you will easily fill in the calendar of posts for the next few months, maybe even a year.

So, let’s go in order…

What to Write About? Here Are Some Ideas for Your Blog or Site

From useful and trendy topics, through tutorials, frequently asked questions, all the way to professional topics, expertise, case studies, reviews, lists… we share with you a list of thematic subjects and ideas about what to write about on your blog or website.

As you read, you will see for yourself that many of the topics can be used in some other categories as well – depending on the niche or industry you come from.

Marketing Topics

By marketing topics, we mean the type of content that serves to promote your product or service, or yourself. For instance, in the case of a digital marketing agency, these would be texts on the topic of SEO, content marketing, digital marketing tips, and the like. Consider in relation to your business or industry/niche you come from, how you can tailor topics to fall under marketing and promotion.

For example:

  • Tips for promotion on social networks (from your field of expertise)
  • Marketing tips that have not been helpful to you
  • How do you use social networks and which ones
  • Promotion with a small budget or without money

Personal Stories

By personal stories, we mean topics that concern your personal life, and which could be interesting to the population you are addressing – whether you want to convey a message, entertain, discover a part of yourself that you may not have known, and which could benefit them.

For example:

  • Things that make you happy and that you cannot do without
  • How did you start doing what you are doing/decided to start a blog
  • Who are the people behind your brand/blog you run
  • The mistakes you made that led to who you are and where you are now
  • Favorite books and why
  • A playlist that you play while working/creating

Business Stories

Business stories cover those topics which represent you as an authority in the niche/industry you come from: customer recommendations, successful campaigns, cooperation with brands or clients, completed schools and training… topics that represent you as a professional in the field you come from and behind which are concrete results.

For example:

  • Recommendations of satisfied users/customers
  • Interviews with employees or other industry bloggers
  • What separates you from others
  • Lectures you have given or attended – tips
  • Visits
  • Answer to the FAQ
  • Breaking myths
  • The most common mistakes from the area you come from


Professional topics can also fall under business topics but they are also much more specific and defined than them. Why? Well, while business stories can be written in a casual tone and describe an interesting anecdote from the business environment, professional topics are always more serious, more detailed, of longer forms, and represent the very top and essence of your expertise.

In this sense, topics and ideas for this type of texts can be:

  • Guides and tutorials
  • Practical pieces of advice
  • Useful tools and applications
  • Case studies
  • Market analysis
  • Reviews


Inspirational texts can be personal or business. Use this type of topic to present people from whom you have learned and are still learning something useful but also to present yourself as a professional in a certain field. For example, a text on Richard Branson’s advice on low-budget marketing.

In other cases, these may be topics such as:

  • Recommendations of people who meant to you and from whom you learned
  • Video posts/tutorials that have benefited you
  • Online courses
  • Famous people who inspire you


This is one of the most common types of posts that are well-read. You can use lists in almost all topic categories.

For example:

  • List of texts on a certain topic – all in one place or roundup texts
  • The best events in your industry
  • The best texts from a certain area
  • The best people you recommend and why
  • Recommended books to read

What to Write About? Additional Ideas

The fun does not stop here. Consider which of the topics and texts from the list, for example, you can write in the form of promotional content. For example, a text about the best events in your industry in which you will describe the event that you organized or talked about. Or, a mistake that could have cost you your career has become a lesson for one of your clients and you have helped him improve his business or sell a product or service more successfully… and things like that. Just because you wrote the text in one way, does not mean that there is no space and opportunity to process it and make it something new and different, and still equally interesting and useful.

Or, for example, think about which topic, area, or text you can make a controversial topic from to write about. Perhaps, a review of a product or service you use and a comparison with a competitor, asking readers to share with you what they think is better. And you can give your own opinion about a current debate and invite readers to join in on similar things. What you can also do, in any case, is to use Google Trends regularly in search of current topics, so that you can think about whether and in what way you can customize and ‘connect’ some of the trend topics with your niche or area you cover, with a product, or service.

Also, it will sometimes happen that certain comments on social networks require a longer response. Why not, if relevant, turn it into a post on your blog or site? That way, the other side will get a detailed answer, as will everyone else who might benefit from it in the future. Over time, as topics and ideas develop, you will find yourself in a situation where you have a lot of texts that deal with a specific topic, examples from practice, maybe a case study. You can group, reshape such topics, and make e-books from them, which, again, you can release in the form of a new blog post because they will serve as a landing/sales or promo page for them.

And how to adapt these topics to social networks, you probably wonder?

Ideas for Creating Posts for Social Networks

You can design and turn each of these topics and ideas into social media posts – whether in the form of videos, photos, or a series of photos, infographics, GIFs… For example, you can make a text about the most common mistakes from the industry as a carousel post on Instagram, and merge the same carousel photos into a video for posting on Facebook, while sharing the original link on Twitter or LinkedIn. If you also add a visual adapted to Pinterest in the text, here is an adequate way of publishing for that social network as well.

Or, you can publish the recommendations you receive from fans or clients as screenshots and share the text on the same topic with it. On the other hand, you can share the behind-the-scenes moments (whether you are setting up an interior or a photography scene, or a day at work) with a tutorial on creating the perfect photo for a blog or an interview with one of your colleagues. With the appearance and popularization of stories, you can present each of the topics in the form of announcements, quotes from texts, short videos and publish as Instagram/Facebook story, on Snapchat, as Twitter Moments, and the like.


All in all, we hope this text answers your question about what to write about. Let the suggested topics serve as a framework idea and guideline for everything you could create on your blog or website, and even on social networks. With a good strategy and calendar of posts, you can be sure that you will have continuity in the posts you are striving for.

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