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What to Ask SEO Companies that Guarantee Ranking

March 18, 2022
March 18, 2022

SEO Companies work towards one goal. The prized No.1 ranking on popular search engines like Google. The process of optimising content for a search engine involves several methods and tricks that have been uncovered over a long period. Therefore, in recent years, a few SEO companies have decided to take to traditional marketing strategies like offering SEO guarantee for their services.

What are the guaranteed SEO services?

Hiring SEO professionals to increase one’s presence on the internet can require faith as there are high chances that the content present on the optimised website will not perform well. Most SEO guarantee involved promising that the content they create and optimise will bag the No.1 spot on a Google Search. The purpose of providing a guarantee works like any other; it aims to increase customer faith in the services so that they invest in said services.

Can SEO be guaranteed?

Many enterprises decided that an SEO guarantee holds the same value as a conventional guarantee for any household appliance. However, that is not the case. The fact is that SEO practices cannot guarantee anything, let alone the No.1 spot. The reason for this is the Google Algorithm. The Google Algorithm follows a complex set of rules that work to predict whether the content it is scanning is relevant to an individual searching for an answer.

Although these rules have been around for some time, not many can determine what exactly the algorithm likes. A few of these rules have been uncovered, which is the basis of SEO practices like adding relevant hyperlinks, keywords and other concepts. But the algorithm is going through constant changes through the years as Google aims to better the user experience. Therefore, the answer is no; providing a guarantee on SEO services is not plausible.

Reasons you should not trust companies that offer you guaranteed SEO ranking?

seo companies

According to traditional consumer culture, guarantees are a good thing. A customer has it in writing as well as the word of the business owner that their product is genuine and functional. However, as mentioned before, this is practically impossible.

The reasons for this disbelief in SEO guarantee are:

1. Poor perception

The success of an SEO metric depends on a variety of factors and not only on ranking. The fact is that creating content for a business requires more than just a good ranking. In some cases, one would have to compromise on the business goals of the enterprise to attain that ranking.

Therefore, it will not be beneficial to the business. Other metrics like Backlinking and traffic are more authentic ways of attaining traction online, which coincidentally line up with one’s business goals.

2. Instability

A bulk of optimising content involves the use of the right keywords. However, the strength or effectiveness of keywords can change on various occasions. The effectiveness of keywords can even change depending on the search engine one uses or the device’s location from where the query is being made. Therefore, finding a keyword with a large volume and good metrics does not promise SEO success.

3. Official warning

Google itself has warned against these practices of providing SEO guarantee in an official statement. They stated that since the algorithm’s functioning is only known to Google, no one can claim that they can offer the first place in a search query. In addition to this, Google has also made it clear that the algorithm undergoes rigorous updates every few months.

4. Scams and guarantees

It is common that scams have been guilty of providing ‘guarantees’ for their services and then backtracking on their promises after being paid. Therefore, an SEO company that provides the same will be viewed as a scam as well.

5. Black-hat tricks

Some SEO companies are also guilty of employing the use of black-hat tactics to rank better. There was a time when web pages would just be filled with backlinks irrespective of whether it was relevant or irrelevant to the content. The reason for this was to trick the algorithm into ranking higher.

Why do the best SEO firms don’t offer guaranteed results?

According to experts, providing SEO guarantee can reduce the likeability of an SEO firm. This is because the relationship between an SEO company and a client is quite complex and is more than just ranking well. Most successful and legitimate SEO CEOs agree that their clients require a significant amount of faith in the company when they first hire out their services.

However, after that initial phase, the firms began to deliver good service not through rankings but by educating the client on the importance of aligning one’s business goals with the content on their webpages. An SEO professional should learn to increase the clients’ confidence in them through data, experiences of previous clients and other research.

In a nutshell, an SEO firm cannot offer guarantees because it goes against business management principles and may lead to the company engaging in the aforementioned black hat techniques. Therefore, the website will not receive organic traffic, which may taint the image of the client and the SEO firm.

Things to consider before hiring an SEO company?

seo company guarantee

As mentioned before, hiring an SEO company is like treading an unknown terrain. Although they can provide a few basic assurances regarding the effectiveness of their services, the fruits can take some time to be seen and reaped. Some experts even claim that a client may not see any change in the traffic coming in for the first few months. Therefore, one has to listen to their gut when hiring these services.

However, here are a few factors that may help to clear one’s doubts initially:

1. Educating and informing: Authentic SEO companies usually inform their clients of the SEO methods they will employ to grow the business’ traffic. Therefore, the company will make it a point to be transparent with their clients by revealing their working process.

2. Providing analysis: Analysis is everything when it comes to optimising content. Therefore, metrics like traffic, bounce rate, back, backlinking and keyword analysis are a great way to measure the performance of the SEO services.

3. Reviews: Most SEO firms post customer reviews and feedback on their websites. That should be one of the first things every potential client should look out for. From these reviews, one can make an informed decision. In addition to this, there are also third-party websites that can be viewed as well.

4. Portfolios: A client can place their confidence in the services after seeing the work and the results it brought to other companies. The portfolio provided by the company will be a reflection of the work they carry out.

5. Expertise: The experience of an SEO company also plays a major factor in a company’s decision. A company should prefer the services of a firm that has been around for a long as they know the ins and outs of creating content favourable to the algorithm.

6. Data-backed strategies: Clients can also review the strategies or an outline of the strategies the SEO firm will be using to optimise the content for their website. It is crucial to carefully go through the data provided and decide if the numbers being shown are satisfactory or not.

7. Aligning with Business goals: Finally, one should ensure that the content being provided reflects the goals of the business. That is to say, the services of the firm should be geared towards helping the audience understand the functions of the business and other aspects as well. In a nutshell, one should keep their clients in mind while hiring an SEO firm’s services.

Questions to ask SEO companies that guarantee SEO ranking


Although the companies that provide SEO guarantee should be avoided altogether, one can decide to give them a chance. But this decision comes with several risks.

However, one can ask the following questions to get a better understanding of the implications that comes with the promises made:

  • Which metrics will you be considering to say that the SEO services provided by you were successful?
  • What strategies will you be using to ensure that the guarantee is met?
  • How will these strategies affect the perception of my business in the eyes of one’s customers?
  • How will the company be conducting keyword research?
  • When will one be submitting reports about the performance of the content created?
  • What will this report look like in terms of parameters and analysis provided?
  • What methods will be taken to stay in touch with the Google algorithm updates and industry changes?
  • How long will it take to see significant results from the services provided by you?
  • How does one plan on approaching the process of lead generation?

SEO services available at Logicsofts

Logicsofts looks to assist businesses that wish to incorporate a digital existence online. The services they offer range from web development to Digital Marketing.

A company can also avail of the following SEO services available at Logicsofts to reach larger audiences:

  • Gathering data regarding the client’s audience.
  • Planning and designing effective strategies to optimise the client’s website.
  • Promoting the business and its services on online platforms.
  • Analysing various parameters concerning the performance of the websites.
  • Conducting effective digital marketing campaigns to further increase awareness about the client.
  • Examining the effects of the campaigns with the help of a quality control team.
  • Meeting client deadlines concerning content creation.

Therefore, one should be extremely careful while investing in an SEO firm. It is vital to be sure of the effectiveness of their services not by guarantees but with the help of reviews from previous clients and portfolios.


Is SEO dead in 2021?

Given that most businesses know there is a large potential for growth online, the demand for setting up websites has been on a steady incline. Optimising these websites is the need of the hour. Therefore, it is safe to say that SEO is very much alive in 2021.

What should be avoided in SEO?

Any ambiguity in the strategies provided by an SEO company should be noticed and avoided. A client’s primary goal is to look to grow the incoming traffic organically without using black-hat tricks and other unethical practices.

Why is SEO not dead?

SEO is very much-needed by companies that are looking to benefit from the large audience online. The potential revenue that a company is capable of receiving online is enticing. Therefore, SEO companies will have their work cut out for them as more companies start to approach them for their services.

Is an SEO company worth it?

A good SEO company can greatly influence the incoming traffic and other metrics of a company’s websites. With the implementation of their specially curated campaigns, a company will be able to access an untapped source of customers present online.

Which is the best SEO company?

A company that has a good understanding of the algorithms and effective methods will help to better the customer experience of their clients. In addition to this, the best SEO company will carry out honest services while keeping in mind their client’s business’s mission.

How do you hire an SEO consultant?

One can hire an SEO consultant on Logicsofts by visiting the Logicsofts website. One can reach out to a consultant by asking for a consultation or a quotation.

How does one increase one’s SEO ranking?

An SEO ranking can be increased by investing in the services provided by trusted and experienced SEO firms like Logicsofts. The strategies implemented by them can work towards making the website more favourable to algorithms.

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