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Top 5 Structural Engineers in Melbourne 2023

January 13, 2023
January 13, 2023

In the real estate business, there is always a need of repairs, renovations or even demolitions. To handle such needs, structural engineers come really handy. Not only do they offer consultation and great advice, but they also offer great hands-on expertise with some of the best engineers in the field.

If you find yourself struggling to find a reliable structural engineer in Melbourne, then this article will surely help you out and clear some of your doubts.

List of Top Structural Engineers in Melbourne

1. ANZ Engineers


ANZ Engineers is basically a group of passionate and talented engineers who care about their needs of their clients more than anything else. Known for their hardcore ethics and hardworking nature, the engineers att ANZ will go the extra mil to make sure you always get what you want, and more than your money’s worth. Offering the best software package deals, ANZ combines the knowledge of their experienced team with all the technological advancements at hand to give you a holistic experience. No matter what the size and scope of the project is, ANZ Engineers are well-equipped to handle it all. With some of the most innovative ideas and solutions to offer, you can rely on them for secure and out-of-the-box solutions. You can reach out to them for a free consultation service, post which you can take a call to see if you want to hire them for your project or not.

Contact details – phone number: +61 3 9005 1905, email address: [email protected]
Services offered – engineering services ranging from residential, commercial, industrial, extension and renovation, crack inspection, signage, forensic engineering, water drainage systems, dilapidation reports, free consultation.

2. Melbourne Civil & Structural Engineers


Melbourne Civil and Structural Engineers are well known in the city to provide reliable and affordable repairing and engineering services. While they handle residential as well as commercial repairs and engineering, that gives you a lot of scope to hire them for whatever project you need. They are also the city experts in dealing with demolitions or breaking down a structure to create a new one. They meet all the city and country guidelines, and have all the required accreditation so that their clients have faith in their work and can be stress-free as they hand over the reigns to them and let them carry on to the best of their ability, matching all the expectations of their clients.

Contact details – phone number: 1300 12 4567, email address: [email protected]
Services offered – designing residential and commercial buildings, foot bridges, road bridges, swimming pools, deckings, retaining walls, warehouse designs, pergolas, demolitions, dismantling, etc.

3. DCG Structural & Civil Engineers


From ideation to implementation, DCG Structural and Civil Engineers are involved in every step of the process. They give their clients the most efficient, practical and cost effective solutions possible. They also pay extra attention to the environment-friendly aspect of their services, a factor that many miss out when they work on building or restructuring a building or project, which sets them apart from the other structural engineers in the city. A detailed site inspection kicks off the process and is then followed by systematic and quick implementation of the plan agreed upon by the clients and the team.

Contact details – phone number: (03) 9650 3224, email address: [email protected]
Services offered – new dwellings, extensions, multi-storey dwellings, apartment buildings, townhouses, renovations, carports, pergolas, commercial buildings, petrol stations, car washes, carparks, medical centres, offices, highrise buildings, warehouses, ladders, tanks, shelters, redevelopment of existing buildings and structures, demolitions

4. Seven Hill Engineering


Seven Hill Engineering offers end-to-end services in all aspects of engineering, especially when it comes to structural engineering.. They have a young and dynamic team that does not shy away from a challenge. If you speak to their clients who have used their services in the past, you will recognize that they are big on client satisfaction, and do all they can to make sure that the vision their clients had in mind are met. They also pay attention to using sustainable materials, making them responsible citizens of the world as well.

Contact details – phone number: +613 9417 1110, email address: [email protected]
Services offered – structural engineering, civil engineering, construction engineering, forensic engineering, construction, project management, inspection and certification.

5. Arena Clauson Engineering Group


This engineering company has its headquarters in West Perth, but has quite a prominent presence in all of Australia. This company focuses on offering high-end services under a reasonable budget, while their team immerses themselves in each and every project to make your dreams a reality. Their core company values are people, safety, quality, social responsibility, environment and innovation, all of which reflects greatly in their work.

Contact details – phone number: +61 8 9255 1557, email address: [email protected]
Services offered – residential engineering, commercial engineering, resources management, inspection, project management, site inspection, consultation services


All the information mentioned about structural engineers and different engineering companies has been collated from reliable sources found across the internet and through past clients. In case there is any misinformation, we are not to be held responsible for it. Please get in touch with the company personally if you have any questions or doubts.

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