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6 SEO Tips to Boost Your Traffic

May 23, 2022
May 23, 2022

SEO is a marketing tool used to generate leads and boost traffic. In fact, SEO generates 53.3% of traffic for brands, and 60% of marketers attest to using SEO as a marketing tool. There’s no doubt that SEO as a tool is effective for brands.

Although effective, if not well managed, you may not enjoy the full benefits of SEO marketing. Fortunately, this article discusses SEO tips to boost your website traffic.

Tip 1:- Aim for Quality Contents

Aim for Quality Contents

The first SEO tip to boost your website traffic is aiming for quality content. Providing quality content is a great way of hooking visitors and converting them into regular customers. When you provide quality content, visitors appreciate your unique view of topics and will trust your brand for more topics. Therefore, quality content helps to build a healthy relationship with your audience.

Further, providing quality content ranks your page, as search algorithms can detect unique content and will place them on the first page of search results. You can create quality content by providing unplagiarized content and publishing comprehensive content. By comprehensive content, we mean content that does answer everything about a topic.

Tip 2:- Use Relevant keywords

Use Relevant keywords

There is no SEO without keywords because keywords help to rank your site in search results. There are two types of keywords: primary and secondary keywords. The primary keywords are the major focus of your article or page, and you’re to pick just one or two for your page. When picking primary keywords, you should pick one that depicts your page’s focus, product, service, and brand identity. Secondary keywords are not the focus of your page but instead supplement it. Secondary keywords focus on sub-topics of your content, and they can be more than one. 

Tip 3:- Generate Backlinks for High Authority Sites

Generate Backlinks for High Authority Sites

Backlinks or external links are just links that lead readers to or from your site. When adding them to your site, ensure you include external links from reputable and high authority sites. When you do this, you enhance your website SEO service skills over time. You can also acquire backlinks by finding where your competitors get their backlinks and then comparing them with your current backlink profile. This process is referred to as link building.

Tip 4:- Use Internal and External Links

Use Internal and External Links

Mixing internal and external links can affect your credibility positively and negatively. If properly mixed, internal and external links can increase your credibility, crawlability, and user experience. Here is what you should know about internal and external links:

Internal links are links that lead users to other content on your site. They keep users on your page and lead search engine crawlers to your pages. A good way to use internal links is to add links to related posts on your website. 

On the other hand, external links lead users to content outside your website. When you lead users to content outside your website, you can increase your credibility. Hence, external links must be links to reputable and high authority sites.

Tip 5:- Optimise your Page Title and Meta description

Optimise your Page Title and Meta description

After writing quality content, including keywords and links, the last step is to attract users to click on your website link. This can be done by optimising your page’s title and meta description: both are content that shows in search engines and can attract users to click on your website link. Here are tips to help optimise your page title, website, and metadata:

  • Keep your page title within 30 and 60 characters
  • Include a keyword in your page title
  • Keep your meta description under160 characters
  • Ensure your page title and meta description are different for each page

Tip 6:- Remove Features that Load Slowly

Remove Features that Load Slowly

If your page loads slowly, it affects your SEO and not only your user experience. Users are unlikely to stick around when your page has features that load slowly. Often, a feature that slows your page is the plugin. Do you have unnecessary plugins? Remove them to increase your page’s speed.

To Wrap It Up

75% of internet users do not look past the first page of search results. So, you need to include elements that will increase your page’s ranking. In this article, we highlighted SEO tips that will boost your traffic, so give some a go and see what happens!

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