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What is SEO

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is a strategy by using which we will optimize your website pages according to the Google’s guidelines to rank your services on the first page. It is an organic process that takes time depending on the key phrases and services you are offering.

What is Branding?

Branding is part of SEO where we will optimize the brand to add credibility and presence on Google. It helps in converting users to clients who are looking for a credible business. It also involves reputation building which again helps in building confidence for the clients.

How will you rank my keywords?

Our SEO process starts with analysing the website structure, number of pages, technical coding and snippets integration and much more.  Depending on your website and services you offer, we list all the keywords through our technical tools which includes competitive keywords, popular keywords, long tail keywords ( specific keywords ) and conversion friendly keywords. Once we prepare a plan and timeframes, we then start with optimisation process.

How do we do
On Page

Website Audit

We perform complete website audit that covers all the essential elements that are associated with your webpage's visibility in various search engines. The audit comprises of on-site issues, website speed, image optimization, title & tags optimization and a lot more. Throughout the audit process, our SEO auditors will assist you in getting the insight of your website analytics and visitor behavior. It is all covered in our affordable seo packages

Our Case Studies

When we started optimizing Move My Stuff, the keywords were not ranking at all.  When we started working on the optimization process we concentrated on our core principles of giving value to the user by building links and optimizing pages. We are now ranking the most competitive keyword of this industry on position 1 page 1 in Google. We are ranking more than 50 keywords because we do not believe in limiting the keywords as it gives un-natural impression to Google. We work and rank as many keywords are possible depending on the quality of the webpage.

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Service Process
Analyse & Optimise

Our experienced and highly talented seo professionals keep track of all the latest search algorithms and updates to create strategies that are not affected by any search update. Our SEO projects have a high success rate and to retain top rankings for our clients, we change our seo strategies timely following the search guidelines

FAQ 's

How much time does It take to create a website?

The length is based on several determinants. Designing takes 1 - 3 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and the number of times amendments is done. Website development may take another 1 - 4 weeks, depending on the number of pages, and the features required.

How much does a website Cost?

Just like the cake cannot have a fixed price and the rates may vary with the ingredients, toppings and size, website prices may start from a few hundred pounds to thousands of pounds depending on the factors include like, the design, features, web hosting fee etc. Speak to our web advisors to get a quote or check out our packages page to know the cost of your website.

What technology do you support?

We specialise in XHTML, CSS and Flash, but are very experienced with JavaScript, DHTML, XML, PHP, and others. We create and develop mobile responsive customised websites which can run on any platform and on any device.

Can I check my website while it is in creation?

Of course YES! As a matter of fact, we inspire our clients to provide their valuable suggestions while we are building their websites. We provide you with a username and password of our website development server so that you can log in and monitor the progress of your site. While utilising your feedbacks we move deliberately to create the website you’ll admire. Once your site is ready we seek your approval before making it LIVE and release it on your server and submit your URL to the major search engines.

What are all services Included in the costs?

The cost includes numerous services like the configuration of email accounts, google services, search engine submission, free 1-year hosting, customer support, video embedding etc. Glance through our packages page to get details of the several custom-made packages we have tailored as per your requirement.

Management service?

Yes! Our dexterous copy-writing team writes 100% unique content for the websites along with designers who create unique graphics and designs to avoid any copyright issues and legal penalties on our clients. We deliver 100% genuine and unique website to our clients with most creative ideas and proposals.