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8 Tips to Manage an eCommerce Platform

January 2, 2020
January 2, 2020

You need to have your online store to show presence if you have a business of tangible products. It’s quite hard to establish aground at the eCommerce platform as there is so much competition. You are not only dealing with the local brands, but there are international giants present online.

That’s why you need to learn and focus on the detail of your eCommerce store to run it successfully.

In 2012 eCommerce was purely connected with eBay, Amazon and some 3rd party websites but now you can design and develop your online eCommerce store yourself and can earn more profit by selling your goods or services online.

Follow these 8 tips to manage an eCommerce platform and try to implement them, by doing so, and you will be able to generate more business and increase sales revenue to the bottom line.

1. Figure out potential customers

If you know who your target market is, it’s better. But if you don’t know this is the perfect time to figure out who is going to be the target audience of your brand. Mostly the entrepreneurs don’t take this point quite seriously, and that’s the reason that ends up losing their money and time on marketing that doesn’t earn something.

This is necessarily an important task to do proper work on segregating the audience whom you want to target. And you can design and upload your products likewise. It depends on your business, and it’s the center of what products you are going to present to people.

2. Convert your customers as your brand ambassador

There is nothing important like the gleaming review of your happy and satisfied customer that is capable of adding credibility to your brand. You can encourage sales from your customers if you can get positive testimonials from them. And that only possible if the customer is happy with the product they got, so first make your product worth and then start marketing it on your eCommerce platform.

You as a businessperson can do your 100% in the market or advertise the products but what the customers can show is worth acceptable for other people. People do trust old customers as they are using each other’s reviews before buying something online. This has a very positive and strong impact on people’s buying decisions. So the customer is your brand ambassador, they can ruin your brand, and they can build an empire overnight. You have one of the most important assets, and that’s your customer, so better learn to influence them.

3. Go for the best software

As a business person, it’s important to have a deep insight into seeing the potential issues before they come up. The software needs to be evaluated on a serious basis as it’s the foundation for the entire process. You have to be good at operating software yourself if it’s not possible to try to know the software’s usability. You should keep in mind the security concern, tools, features, scalability, and some other factors while choosing software for your eCommerce platform.

4. Go socialize

You need to create unique content, do proper SEO and run ads on the pages, but the social medium is the best and effective way to generate organic traffic. This is the only cost-effective way to the maximum number of audience, and you can get more customers as compared to another platform. Go ahead on the social media platforms; this is the time you have to grab the opportunity that has potential. You can outsource social media agencies to manage the task. You have to be in the limelight of social media as this would be the heart of your business.

5. Checkout process frictionless

If you want more customers to buy products from your eCommerce store, just make sure that visitors shouldn’t get frustrated. As people use to dump their carts and leave the website when they are not able to add their debit card details and wait for it to process. There are lots of plug-ins available that you use free or buy them, and install on your website.

For retailers nowadays, friction is the biggest challenge, particularly as we are moving towards the mobile age. You have to make the check out process simple and easy that anyone can do it.

6. Do budgeting

There might be lots of ideas when you think of starting an eCommerce platform, but you should focus on a single idea and utilize all the sources that you have. Looking at people’s stories and getting impressed is a very interesting and easy step. But it’s hard to spend money to be a success story like, as money can’t do everything. You need not spend $5000 on ads to promote your business; you can do this task in just $5, and one shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Do what suits you and your business.

7. Optimize the products

Optimization must be the priority for all website, especially if we talk about an eCommerce store. Optimizing is the only process that can help you in reaching your customers properly; you need to do some work at the backend. And rest is the job of the SEO tools, and they will be able to reach the target audience; no matter which region, gender, the age you want to hit. You should focus on creating unique and keywords, well-optimized images and exceptional description of the product listing.

8. Select payment service provider (PSP)

Once you have decided to build a store, now this is the time to decide the payment service provider. As the PSP allows you to decide the payment methods, how the customer can pay at the time of order. You can make your eCommerce website more functional if the payment mode is easy to access by the common person. PSP includes the payment card industry, fraud protection, which can facilitate multiple currencies and translate languages.


These are some features that can help you in creating and managing your eCommerce platform. All you have to do is to carry out a comprehensive evaluation to judge the store. There are many other options in managing the eCommerce platform, but if you focus on these 8 tips, you can perfectly run your store.

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