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How To Start A Cleaning Business

June 27, 2018
June 27, 2018

Getting into a cleaning business is never going to disappoint you. There will always be homes and offices that need cleaning and people are always eager to have a clean place without getting their hands dirty. Cleaning business can be extremely profitable where you can make fast money. To start a cleaning business, you don’t need any exceptional skillset just a business model and right kind of brand promotional strategy. But there is one downside that it’s a competitive market with different kinds of small-scale cleaning businesses hustling to get more clients.

If you’re planning to start a cleaning business, you will need to have a clear vision, utmost dedication, and sincerity in your work and most of all, a willingness to please your customers. In this article, we will mention all the key strategies that will provide answers to the most common question “How To Start A Cleaning Business?  “

Pick the Right Clientele

pick the right clients


From domestic maintenance per week to cleaning commercial spaces daily, cleaning business covers a wide range of opportunities. If you are just to start a cleaning business, it is best to start with a single niche and specialize in it. There are three main areas you can choose from.

Residential cleaning – When you go for the residential cleaning, you will be typically cleaning people’s homes mostly when they are not at home. In residential cleaning, you can start the business by yourself and add more staff as you gain more clients.

Commercial cleaning – For commercial cleaning, you will have to hire some staff to start with and you will act more like a supervisor or a manager than a cleaning staff. You will be looking for bigger clients like offices, hospitals, and schools who will be able to hire your company on a contract basis.

Specialized cleaning – This is more of a narrow niche but has a lot of scope in it. You can specialize in carpet cleaning, window cleaning, party cleaning, vehicle cleaning and many more like that. Some cleaning companies start with either residential cleaning or commercial cleaning and then eventually branch out to specialized cleaning.

Create a Solid Business Model

business role model


From the beginning, you should have a clear idea of how to start a cleaning business. Research your market extensively and create a business model. Since the cleaning business is rife with competitions, understanding how they operate will help to pick up from the start. To start a cleaning business, you need positivity, patience, and confidence to stay on track no matter what hurdles come your way. Just keep your vision clear and follow every step carefully. 

Take an account of the investments you are ready to put in and have a practical idea of the projected revenue for the first year. If you are buying equipment, factor in those too. With that in mind, come up with a clear vision and the path in which you want to take your business ahead. A positive attitude is what you need the most to start a cleaning business followed by the passion to stand one step of other cleaning businesses.

Though being an independent business has its advantages, if you are short on cash, starting with a franchise can prove to be an advantage. There are a lot of franchises in the cleaning business with a reasonable upfront cost. They will check your credit history and your managerial capability and help you set up the business in the initial stage. So When the question “How to start a cleaning business?” pops in your mind, just get in touch with them and they will guide you through the entire process.  

Plan Your Pricing

pricing plan


Pricing can be very tricky if you don’t pay attention to it. Throwing in random approximations won’t work. It’s important to decide your charges according to your business plan before the start a cleaning business.

If you charge very less, it may not be fruitful in the long run. You will take a lot of time to recover from it and in the meantime, your business may run into losses. Instead of starting your cleaning business with too low rates to get more clients, offer discounts and let the clients see the quality of your work and understand the worth for their money and hire you regularly for a standard rate.

On the other hand, if you charge too high, not many will be willing to pay and it may dent your business. Hence, take all your future plans into account and include the investments you have made when you plan your pricing.

  • Consider past and future plans

If you are starting out as a single person business, you may be charging considering just you. But, after a few months, when you get more clients, you will need to hire extra help and it will be hard to pay for the staff with the previous pricing. Besides, you also wouldn’t be able to drastically increase your charges after just a few months and this will land you in a muddle. Therefore, consider all money put in earlier and the money you need to put in the future and decide your present charge.

Some businesses charge per hour, some charge per square foot, some charge per room and some have a flat rate per home. Pick one that’s convenient and profitable for you and stick on with it.

Do you know how to promote your cleaning business to clients looking for affordable cleaning services without ending in losses? Start with cheap cleaning rates and expand your clientele. It will help your customers rely on you and refer you to their family and friends. Based on the cleaning demands, increase your pricing when you are confident enough to handle cleaning challenges but make sure you offer discount offers to valued clients during festive seasons.

  • Manage cash flow

Initial cash flows may be irregular. You may have to work for credits with some regular clients and some will have a monthly payment schedule. Therefore, work on your payment schedule beforehand and get things cleared with your clients before you take up the job. This will help you to regulate the cash flow in the initial few months and manage until you get the next payments.

Establish Your Business



Once you have your business plan drawn up, it’s time to get into action. Projecting as a professional cleaning business will help to take off from the start.

  • Business name and logo

To start a cleaning business, you need a catchy business name & a logo. Start by selecting a proper business name that reflects uniquely on your objectives. Also, have a logo designed for your cleaning business. Make sure to be very attentive in designing your logo as it is going to be the face of your business in all your invoices, receipts, emails, etc. Choose an official number for your business and this number should be present wherever your logo is.

  • Brand your business

Brand your cleaning business by having neat uniforms with logo on it. If you are using vehicles, start branding the vehicles too. To stay with the initial momentum, start creating a reputation for yourself as you progress. Get professional business cards printed to hand out to prospective customers.

  • Establish your online presence

If you can start with a cleaning website for your business. It will be very useful to add more credibility and show the services you offer and some of your best customer reviews. For that, You require a virtual presence, something effective that can represent your brand and help you reach out to customers looking for cleaning services in your suburb. Search for website design agency who understand your needs & can provide a beautiful cleaning website design as per your specifications & business model.

You must know how to advertise your cleaning business if you want to reach local customers looking for commercial cleaning services. If you are tight on the cash and can’t spend on a website, set up a Facebook page for your company. It is totally free and you can use it to show off your work and ask customers to leave a review in it. You can even speak with prospective customers and get more leads.

Make It Legal

make your business legal

You need to register your business first under a chosen business name and get employer identification ID to start a cleaning business. The cleaning business is a very personal job and the trustworthiness of your business is what a client wants to see in the first place.

If you are new, not many would want to allow you into their homes. Therefore, getting licensed by a government authority who verifies that you do not have any criminal records will improve your reliability. While you work on How to start a cleaning business checklist, let the legal team help you register your business under your brand name before someone else grabs it.

Get Your First Clients

reach clients


One of the initial hurdles that you have to cross is to get your first few clients. Most people would want to know where you had done your work previously and in some cases of residential cleaning, people generally prefer to go with references from someone they know. Therefore, it will be a bit hard to obtain those first clients when you’ll start a cleaning business.

You can start a cleaning business by offering your services to your friends, neighbors, and relatives at discounted rates. You can then branch off to friends of friends and then take it up from there with references. Do not focus on completing your work fast. Instead, focus on giving the best cleaning service possible and make sure to approach your clients professionally.

Customize Your Services

customize cleaning services


Every client has certain needs and no two cleaning jobs will be the same. Therefore, make sure to understand what your client’s requirements are. People hire cleaning companies to make their lives easier. Customizing your commercial cleaning services will make sure that you achieve it.

Draw up a list of terms and conditions for your clients or at least a set of dos and don’t for your business. In the cleaning service you provide, there may be certain restrictions you have or the client has. So include the services or specifically the areas you will clean according to your client’s needs and mention what services you wouldn’t provide.

You may not always be able to do everything your client asks you to. Getting those details upfront with your client will avoid any misunderstanding that may crop up in the later stages.

Acquire More Clients through Advertisements

advertise your business


When you have seen an initial success and are going well with the referrals, it’s time to expand more. Market your services in the local areas with newspaper advertisements, flyers, brochures etc. If you have enough budget at the initial stage, you can start marketing at the beginning itself. Add personalized mugs, custom pens to your marketing campaigns and get your business details printed on it. It will help in promoting your cleaning services more efficiently. Get cleaning servicers flyers & custom made cleaning services business cards printed and get them distributed in the local markets. 

References and good reviews will gain more customers. Most of the people use the internet for any services, so don’t leave out internet advertising. Strategize a digital marketing campaign in your budget and do a competitor check as well to work on factors that can add to your advertising ROI.

Your advertisements should focus on the specialty of your work and what sets you apart from the other similar businesses. If you are only using natural cleaning products, you can use it as one of the values that your company upholds. People love to see someone who lives by values. If some also have similar principles, then they will definitely give your advertisement a second look and there are more chances for them to you!

Be professional, be dependable and be trustworthy. It will help you to take your cleaning business to soaring heights!

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