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Why You Must Hire a Top-Tier SEO Company To Boost Your Profits!

October 7, 2020
October 7, 2020

Did you know that organic search is the source of 53.3% of all site traffic? Or that 70.87% of keywords that experience over 10,000 monthly searches comprise just one or two words? Even if you know these and other statistics, it’s almost impossible for the average business owner to implement SEO best practices to satisfy the almighty Google bots to improve your site’s SERP rankings. And that’s exactly why it’s important to hire an SEO company.

In today’s extremely competitive business domain, you have to be on top of the advanced SEO strategies to grow and boost your customer base. And SEO isn’t an easy thing to accomplish, especially if you consider the ever-changing nature of the landscape. With search engines adding new things constantly, it has become a truly uphill task to keep up with the new changes. By hiring a leading company you not only can keep up with the competition but surpass them as well. We’ve outlined here seven SEO best practices that are only followed by top-notch companies to leverage the power of SEO. Take a look and you’ll understand why SEO isn’t a DIY project and that it needs to be done only by experts.

1. Using LSI keywords

LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing keywords may not impact the SERP rankings directly but they can help in offering necessary information associated with the phrases and keywords you actually targeted. This, in turn, helps you improve the ranking for those search terms while preventing keyword stuffing. Only the SEO experts can incorporate strategically chosen LSI keywords into your content rather than using the same search terms repeatedly. This strategy not only helps Google understand your content in a better manner but your site visitors to find answers to their questions as well.

2. Fast page loading speed

Having a fast loading website is immensely crucial these days and this is something that can only be accomplished by a reputable agency. The page loading speed depends on several factors like your site’s server location, its code, theme, etc. While issues with these are quite complicated, the experts can handle them with ease by employing strategies like using a CDN, installing an optimised theme and compressing your images, among others.

3. Creating content with higher word counts

You’ve probably heard that the word count of your content isn’t a ranking factor itself. So, how do you decide whether you should create shorter content or go with long-form pieces? Here, the most important thing to keep in mind is that your content has to provide the most useful information depending on user intent and specific search queries. It may take 5,000 words for you to accomplish this or maybe you can manage this within 500 words. Here again, you need to rely on the judgment of the Blurn SEO experts, who’ll figure out the appropriate length and create the content of the highest quality. The key lies in eliminating the fluff and addressing the issues of your site visitors with credible and useful insights.

4. Considering search intent

As we’ve just mentioned, search intent plays a very crucial role in helping your site rank better in SERPs. For example, do you want to see electrolyte drink recipes when you’re searching for the best electrolyte drinks? You won’t because you’re in a buying mode and not in a learning one. This is the reason Google will display pages associated with electrolyte drink sellers. Now, as a website/business owner, you need to understand what type of content you should create to attract traffic. Following search intent when creating a specific type of content also involves other things such as content format. Since this is a task best handled by experts, your best bet would be to hire a top-tier firm.

5. Creating authoritative content

Since the beginning of SEO, authoritative content has always been a priority for search engines. The reason is clear – they want to provide users with the most useful and credible content depending on the search queries. Clients frequently ask a common question “how can I build authority with my content to attract traffic?” Ultimately the answer comes down to some simple strategies – authoring reliable and insightful content, making it easily comprehensible for the average user, providing clear takeaways, referencing credible sources to support the claims and so on. Creating content surrounding these strategies always takes a good amount of SEO knowledge, time, and effort which often becomes difficult for a busy website owner to invest. So, here again, partnering with an agency to take care of your SEO needs would be a prudent decision.

6. Keyword research

Appropriate keyword research plays a very crucial role in the SEO landscape. If nobody is using the search terms you’re targeting, all your time, money and effort will simply go in vain. In short, keyword research is the method to find out what users are searching on the web. While the process encompasses several things, the ultimate goal is to understand what kind of content would help you attract visitors and convert them into customers. Identifying a topic in your niche with high traffic potential is a tough task and hence, you need to let experts in SEO handle this to maximise your ROI.

7. Keyword placement

Proper placement of your targeted primary keyword is another major factor in SEO. Essentially, you need to place this in three places – H1 heading, page URL, and title tag. This strategy lets both Google and your target audience understand your page’s content. Since performing these requires good SEO expertise, the professionals would be able to help you out.

Closing Thoughts

SEO is all about following a set of best practices to boost your website traffic and, in turn, increase revenue. SEO may seem like a simple task initially, but in reality, it requires heavy expertise to create an effective strategy. Joining hands with a top-tier agency like Blurn would not only help you sail through your SEO journey effortlessly, but would also boost your brand’s reputation as well.

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