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A Brief Magento SEO Guide in 2023

January 20, 2023
January 20, 2023

Are you looking for a perfect e-commerce platform that is based completely on flexibility and a sleek user framework? Built on the PHP framework, Magento gives the freedom to the e-commerce owners to modify the features like cart, exciting look, and eventful functionality.

Magento is an open-source platform, making a content management, marketing, and SEO optimized and simple.

But, are you wondering what could be the latest changes in the SEO, that could land your store at the top!

This article is your one-stop guide to Search Engine Optimization, for landing your e-commerce website at the top, in 2023.

Why is SEO so important in Magento?

SEO is the backbone to attracting customers to your website. The more we discuss the importance of customer awareness, we understand the key role of SEO.

SEO enhances the chances of a customer impression, thus increasing the chances of lead generation.

The clickthrough rate will depend mostly on the relevancy, authenticity, and reach of the content. And, users generated through organic traffic have a higher customer lifetime value, compared to paid users. This is why you need to do SEO for your Magento store.

Key SEO tips of 2023 you must not forget:

1. Make your page load faster:

Fast loading of the web page plays a crucial role in ranking higher in SERP ranks. What makes it important to note is the image optimization, wherein images less than 100Kb improve page loading speed.

Always try to use the Google recommended Webp image format.  The filename of the image should be short, crisp, and detailing the product. Proper alt text with a clear image description helps both crawlers and visually challenged site visitors.

2. Play the trick of HTML Tags:

Play around with HTML. Don’t just take the HTML quite lightly, since using the proper HTML tags help in ranking of the website. It helps Google to find your website on a specific search query; thus, a proper meta title and meta description always play a major role in ranking and generating higher CTR.

3.Take a closer look at the whitespaces and comments:

Whitespaces and comments can make the file quite heavy. It is imperative to remove the whitespaces, while updating the file on the backend. Lesser bytes, would translate into faster site uploading and enhanced user experience.

4. Leverage the AMP extension:

AMP extension is the key to leveraging the growing internet users. If you are planning to reach the youth, make sure your site is mobile friendly. AMPs are open-source extensions that help your website to run smoothly on a mobile platform. Integrate them, and make it roll on your customer’s mobile platform, with ease.

Look for the AMP performance of your website in Google search console. Make sure to enable your target pages for Accelerated Mobile Performance.

5. Keep the varnish cache mode ON:

Keeping the ‘Varnish-cache mode’ on, you can ensure that copies of the website are not stored within the Magento itself. Rather, change it to Varnish Cache Mode from the Built-in Cache Mode, and fill the details as required.

Bottom line:

SEO of your website can be crucial in determining the page visits and sales, eventually. With these modern Magento SEO tricks, you can ensure that your website is performing well on different search engines. As a business owner it is not easy to spend time on SEO, content or other things.

So, always try to find a reputed Magento SEO agency. They are already familiar with different kinds of platforms to work on. It will not be difficult for them to select the best strategies for your Magento store.


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