Is your website not gaining traffic? Here’s why!

19 Feb 2018
Is your website not gaining traffic? Here’s why!

It is only natural for the guidelines for websites, and SEO change at a fast rate. With a tremendous number of more than a hundred thousands of website created and launched in a day, it is hard to keep up with traffic and SEO of the older times. A website owner or blogger needs to revamp their website’s on-page as well as off-page SEO and needs to practice new things. However, this is easier said than done. You see, with SEO and web traffic it becomes extremely hard to pinpoint which aspect of your website is not performing well and is giving rise to losses.

Reasons your website is not gaining traffic:

There may be one huge reason for your website to lose traffic or many small reasons for this,

Here are some of them and ways to fix your problem:


No website runs without making use of keywords. It is especially important for any person to make use of the correct keywords in their content, and that too in a manner where the keywords make sense. Nonsensical additions will make Google devalue your website. Wrong methods of using the keyword, long-tail keywords or other kinds of keywords may be your problem.

How to Fix it?
Fixing it is simple; make use of those keywords which can be incorporated into your content without compromising your content’s quality.

Your use of Keywords may have become obsolete, or perhaps those keywords do not have enough searches anymore.

How to Fix it? Perform good research on your keywords and create a strategy to fix your problem.


Content for your website is the life and blood. With good content, web traffic will become simple and easier. However, it is quite hard to strike a balance between good and interactive content. With good planning, it is possible for you to spin creative content around your keywords.

How to Fix it? This problem can be fixed by understanding your audience. Know your audience, speak their language. Create content which is not only interesting and creative, but also informational. Try to incorporate something different in your content to gain an edge.

Slow Loading Websites:

With the internet giving us information at our fingertips, the viewers have become extremely impatient. And this takes us to our point, of slow loading websites. When a website takes time to load it is likely that your viewers will choose to go to some other website or opt for something else.

How to Fix it? Choose a better web host. There may be many reasons for a slow website, but for an owner, it is of utmost importance that you opt for a web host provider which gives you a fast loading website.

Social Media Sharing:

For a blog to function properly you need to gain viewers. It may be hard for you to gain viewers for your website if there is no social media engagement. Most people make the mistake of not sharing their blogs or articles online, and that is where your problems begin.

How to Fix it? Create a social media page on the popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and share your website. Along with this you could also try sharing your posts to various communities or could join a conversation in order to promote your website.


A blog or website’s design makes for an interesting add-on for huge traffic. If your blog does not offer an appealing design, your website is likely to gain minimal to no traffic.

How to Fix it? For a good design, you can hire a web design agency who will provide you with an interactive and creative design. Keep your website’s design clean and crisp for optimal results. SEO could be a tricky business, and it may be hard for you to cover all aspects at once. But taking care of one aspect at a time will allow you to gain web traffic efficiently.

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