Want To Launch A Successful Email Marketing Campaign? Read This

13 Mar 2018
Want To Launch A Successful Email Marketing Campaign? Read This

Email marketing is the next big thing when it comes to spreading the word about your company. This type of marketing has been tried and deemed fit to be one of the most effective methods to keep in touch with your customers. Digital marketers know the power of email marketing and understand the value it holds for the website. However, if you make use of ineffective methods to deal with this, you may stand to lose the connection you build with your customers.

Here are some proven methods of making sure that your email campaign is effective and you do not lose touch with your customers and clients:



Personalized touch and the use of same or similar fonts and templates will be effective. This will allow your customers to recognize you instantly. Other than this, a personal touch allows the user or the customer to feel close to you and your brand.


Be creative and Consistent:

When it comes to effective email marketing, nothing hits better than creating content which is not only eye-catchy but also has familiar colors. The point and the reason behind using consistent colors are to familiarize your customers with what you do; it is to create an identity for your brand. With consistent color combinations, your customers will instantly recognize your brand and be more inclined to follow the links in the email.

Include GIFs:

Email marketing is all about the visual appeal factor. You need to engage the viewer and compel them to follow through. To get this done, it would make sense to include a pretty GIF in your email. As humans, our eyes are automatically attracted to something which is bright and colorful, so make sure that the GIFs you use fit the purpose of the email and are engaging.

Create Habits:

It essential for you to create habits in the customer if you need a regular customer. To do this, you can send some day-based email or set up offers for specific days on your website. The point is if you create a habit the customer is going to come back irrespective of what you have to offer. This will mean regular traffic. To instill this, you can send regular emails and add various attractive banners and GIFs to catch the attention of the customer. Apart from this, make sure that you need to be persistent with your emails.

Incorporate videos:

Anything that moves is a good way to attract the user. A video in your email is a great option to try out. Adding a video to your email is better than adding a GIF. Videos will not only instill interest in the customer but will also make them want to look at your website. Add relevant content to your videos and make sure that you make it attractive enough for the user to click on your website’s link.

Most e-commerce websites and other internet companies, such as Netflix, make use of email marketing which is a very important pillar of almost all digital marketing campaigns. The advantages of the using email marketing are vast and many. However, if you mess up with the customer-brand connection, and fail to engage the customer, your work will be all for not.

To make sure that your customers always feel close and are on their toes when they see your emails, pamper them with information and attractive deals. Make use of good colors and make use of the same template, fonts and other visuals which will allow the customer to know who the email is from.

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