Benefits of Starting your own Digital Agency in 2021

07 Jan 2020
Benefits of Starting your own Digital Agency in 2021

The internet has left deep footprints in every walk of our life. Talking about the business world, many entrepreneurs owe their success to the internet. This is one reason why a lot of people from the young generation aspire to be future entrepreneurs. However, a fair proportion of them is undecided about their niche. Well, the way things currently stand, setting up a digital agency is going to be a rewarding business. You may have another business on your mind but before you give it serious consideration, you should know the perks and privileges of a digital marketing agency.

So let’s unfold how you will be benefited by establishing your own digital agency in 2020:

1. The service industry is less competitive

There is no question about the fact there are leading brands, like digital agency Sydney, that offer digital services. But they are very few and far between compared to the product industry. If you launch a product today, it will take you an enormous amount of effort to stand out from your rivals.

The reason behind this is the cut-throat competition. Even if the quality of your product is way above the standard of your competitors, still, you will have to do a lot of marketing before people learn about your existence. The biggest disadvantage of product-oriented business is that big fishes can eat away from the small ones.

On the other hand, the existence of small and large digital agencies is not as volatile. Since services are more about skills than resources, small digital agencies are equally desired by the clients. In a nutshell, you have a considerable share of the pie to claim by opening a digital agency.

2. Low investment

When it comes to starting a business, there is no hurdle bigger than the funds. Many master business plans could never be materialized just because of the lack of capital. Though you can’t set up a digital agency for free, it is far less demanding than many other businesses out there.

To start things off, you need a few creative people, a little bit of money and just about enough space to adjust your team and laptops. That’s about it. Knowledge is the real asset in this business which luckily does not occupy any space. If you are willing to compromise, a standard-size room can get the job done until your agency really takes off. Having limited staff will lead you to exercise great control over every employee.

3. Flexibility of location

In most of the businesses, location holds the key. Much-preferred areas are either expensive or difficult to find. As an owner of a digital marketing agency, you will be totally free from this hassle. You have the choice to work from any nook and cranny of the world – be it the heart of the city or countryside.

Let’s assume you have enough budget to rent a luxury office in a commercial area. But what if the location is not convenient for all the employees due to the lack of transport facilities? Providing transport to the office staff will prove to be an extra burden and may as well break your bank. Setting up the office at an easily accessible location also means more talented workers will drop in for the interviews. You can filter out poor candidates and select the best available talent.

4. Income predictability

The unpredictability of income can ruin the peace of mind. Regardless of how well a product based company may be performing in the market, you will always be iffy about the bottom line. It could be an impediment to the expansion of a business.

For example, you want to sign a future deal but the terms and conditions of the contract can only be met if you can generate a sure amount of income for a certain period. However, unfortunately, in many businesses, you can’t map out how much money you will have in your bank by the end of the current month.

That’s where a digital agency takes the cake. Clients are supposed to pay you retainer fees by the end of every month. It is one of those rare businesses where you can be dead sure about the income and therefore you can always plan ahead.

5. No fear of an overnight crash

Well, you may be a digital marketing expert working in a multinational, yet, you can be fired from the job at any moment. Worse, you may not be even given prior notice about the development. When a business abruptly hits the recession, the marketing team is the first to suffer. In simple words, your life might turn into a nightmare in no time.

Being the owner of a digital marketing company, you will be in a much more stable position. If you have a few clients, let’s say 5, it is very unlikely that all of them bid farewell to you at once.

Like all other businesses, clients leave digital agencies too. But the nature of this business is such that, if you have dedicated a sufficient amount of time, you will have enough backup clients for survival.

6. You will be your own boss

Digital marketing is a super creative work but sometimes you have to walk the tight line of instructions given by the boss. As a result, you have to put your adventurous ideas on the back burner and eventually never execute them.

Being the pioneer of your digital agency, you can subscribe to all the unorthodox strategies you want. Whatever plan comes to your mind, you can execute right away without worrying about the approval from a higher authority.


By no means starting a digital agency will be totally free of challenges. Of course, it will thoroughly test your skills and nerves. But at the end of the day, among other benefits, it will give you a longer-term safety of income. It is something that remains a lifelong dream of many owners who belong to other professions.

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