How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website?

09 Mar 2018
How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website?

With Google’s AMP, the page loading time has actually become a hot debate. The page loading time is a crucial point for your website.

There are some reasons as to why you need to make sure that your web page loads within three seconds. The primary reason for making sure is that most viewers wait for about 3 seconds for the web page to load. The longer your website takes to load, the time to search for other options for the viewer increases.

How to Reduce Page Load Time and Speed Up Your WordPress Website?:

It is important for you to know that page-loading time plays a crucial role in engaging the readers and the viewers. Here is how you can have a fast loading website:

Trim and combine your files:

To get the optimal loading time, you need to know trim down JavaScripts, CSS and HTML files. You can do this by minifying these files and reducing their size. The point is that these files take up a lot of space if there are unnecessary codes present in the file. Fixing this issue requires coding. If you have a WordPress website, this can be done by various tools.

Defer JavaScript loading:

Another way of fixing the loading time for your website. By deferring to JavaScript your website design, you stop the loading of JavaScript on your website. The script is loaded with all the other components of the website are loaded, which will significantly decrease the loading time of the website.

Use a caching plugin:

If you own a website powered by WordPress, the best way of improving your website’s loading time is to use caching plugins. There are several plugins you can use for the website, and these plugins are quite easy to use. The best thing about cache clearing plugins is that they will always work and clear out your website’s cache and improve your website’s loading time.

Use a Good theme:

It may seem absurd to you, but the theme that uses actually plays an important role in your website’s loading time. Use a minimal theme for your website design to improve the loading time. The heavier your website’s theme, the longer it will take for your website to load.

Image Quality:

Images are a must for every website. And most websites have at least two images. However, it must be remembered if you make use of high-resolution images and the size of these images is large, your website will take a lot of time to load. To improve your website’s loading time compress your images. In this manner, you can use plenty images on your webpage without worrying about the loading time. You could use an application for this or make use of various free online software for your images.

Fix Broken Links:

Broken links can be described as those links which do not take the visitor to the relevant page. The more broken links you have on your website, the loading time will be longer for your website. There are several kinds of tools, free and paid, that can be used for your WordPress powered website. These tools will periodically check for broken links and notify you whenever you log in. In this manner, you will be able to fix broken links right away.

Running a website is not as easy as you think of it to be. There are various aspects you need to keep in mind while you set-up your website. Loading time of your website is one such aspect. Remember to fix all the issues regarding loading time with whichever method that suits your problem and remember the three-second loading time rule!

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