5 Reasons Why Video Is the Future of Content Marketing

23 Sep 2021
5 Reasons Why Video Is the Future of Content Marketing

Consumers dictate where the world of digital marketing is going and how it will evolve. Today’s use of social media, mobile phones, and the hectic pace of life has shaped our preference for video content. Videos are packed with information, visually appealing, they can include sound, and they are much more relatable than pure words on the screen. Although written content will always have its place in digital, businesses are quickly beginning to produce videos.

Making this switch is more challenging for some, as you would need to adapt all your resources, from your budget to the kind of experts you collaborate with. No matter where you are with your digital output, all signs point to video remaining one of the leading content formats for the foreseeable future. If you’re not certain why you should start creating videos to market your business, here are a few arguments favouring video. 

 videos are becoming the booming reasons for high conversion rate? Please read our blog to know 5 reasons why video is the future of content marketing.

Conversion rates through the roof

Research conducted a few years back showed that including a video on a landing page boosts conversion rates as high as 80%. This kind of increase is not just notable – it’s staggering. Imagine what that number might be in a few years from today. The chances are that the more people consume videos and trust the brands behind them, the more likely they’ll be to purchase, too.

Informative and helpful short and sweet videos are the most effective tools to land new customers and retain them over time. With videos embedded on your website pages, provided that they load quickly and easily on all devices, help improve the time people spend on your site, contributing to your ranking. 

Elevating audience engagement

Videos are brilliant, but you need to get a customer hooked with the right intro if you expect them to stay focused or interested in what you’re offering. With the help of the right tools, it’s possible to make your videos even more impactful. Using a free online video intro maker, you can start every video on the right note and impress customers right off the bat. 

The entire video can pack a much more powerful punch and entice them to follow through and act on it with the right intro. What’s more, the right video content inspires more shares, likes, comments, elevating your authority and reputation over time. Remember, engagement doesn’t boil down to purchases, but it can certainly lead to more purchases if you primarily do your best to persuade people to engage. 

Bringing your business to life

Now that almost everything is done digitally for convenience and lower costs, some companies struggle to sustain their connections with their customers. Without brick-and-mortar shops and one-on-one interactions in person, brands need to create the kind of content that gives them a more relatable, humanized look and feel.

Videos allow your business to achieve just that. Portraying your employees or other customers, your products in real-life use, and your core messages woven into the story enables you to connect with people on a more personal level. 

Educating and informing your audience

To sell and improve your brand’s market position, you first need to make sure your audience knows why they need your brand and how your offers fit into their lives. What kind of problems will you solve for them? Why should they trust you and not someone else in the market? Informative and educational videos help put things in perspective without being pushy or salesy. 

In that way, you can work on your brand image and educate your audience on what they can expect from your business. Learning about your product without feeling forced to buy it is much more compelling. The educational process is long-lasting, but creating good videos makes that process shorter and much more effective. 

Inspire more people to stay interested

Good marketers know that not everything is about conversion rates and profits. They understand that if you create content primarily to get people to pay attention for the long haul, you’ll also improve your chances of achieving all the other goals.

Due to their simplicity and richness, videos are perfect for all platforms – email, social media, websites, landing pages, you name it. This means you can post video stories, newsletter videos, and explainer videos on your site regularly and make sure people are intrigued. As long as you use video to provide value, your customers will appreciate it.

Generating leads, “nudging” people to buy, simplifying the education process, all of this, and so much more, is easier and more effective with video content. Accompanied with the right script, of course, and optimal production, videos can keep your audience intrigued and attract more people across all digital channels. That’s why using videos is no longer just an option – it’s a necessity for any brand wanting to stand out and succeed. 

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