Ways to Make People Remember your Brand

09 Jan 2020
Ways to Make People Remember your Brand

Certain principles help companies maximize personalization opportunities like Coca-Cola and Airbus.

Today more than ever, customers demand the most personalized and individual experience with every brand they come across. This phenomenon has several reasons. People are overloaded with information and technology, communication and numerous contacts, so as consumers they are looking for prime promotional products that are created specifically for them. According to the Global Consumer Pulse study, which was conducted by Accenture Strategy in 2017, around 81% of consumers wanted brands to know them and better understand when the appearance of these brands is appropriate and when it will be superfluous.

With constantly evolving technologies, the expectation is that brands will create products that are based on consumer personal information. According to Forbes research, 75% of respondents were willing to share their personal data with companies in exchange for a product or service that would be of additional value to them.

And finally, although consumers still have a need for extremely personalized contact with brands, they also often want to belong to a specific niche group. The publication Packaging Digest recently tells about the Boston Consulting Group study, according to which millennials aged 18 to 24 years feel a close connection with their favorite brands and agree that brands “broadcast information about who they are, what their values and to which group they belong to. ”

Brands now have almost limitless possibilities to personalize their products through design. But how and when exactly should a brand start doing this?

Preliminary acquaintance

First of all, it is necessary to provide the consumer with the opportunity to learn and understand your brand and then personalize the offer. If consumers still do not fully understand what a brand is, or if they are not familiar with its values, then this is probably not the right time to implement personalization mechanisms. And those brands that have already gained a foothold in the market and have conveyed their main offer to customers can enter the game more boldly.

Many remember the vibrant campaign from Coca-Cola: more than 160 different names appeared on the drink labels instead of the logo. The campaign set itself the task of reminding people that we are all different, but there are things that unite us. An application also appeared with the help of which users could create virtual jars with the names of friends and “give” them to them on social networks. The action received great coverage due to the fact that people were pleased to see their name or phrase in the spirit in place of the legendary logo.

The balance between man and technology

Keep a balance between using technology and understanding the essence of human communication. Innovative technologies provide great opportunities for personalization, but at the same time, they provoke the risk of a barrier between the brand and the consumer. Instead of focusing exclusively on the use of technology, think about how through technology you can enhance your personal emotional connection with your target audience.

For the Airbus brand, it was important to maintain a balance between the use of advanced technology and an understanding of human nature. To create the most personalized offer for customers and employees of the company, the slogan Reach for the skies was developed, which encourages customers and the business itself to achieve more. Having implemented such data as the customer’s name, birthday and favorite color in their technology, the company received personalized branding and unique user experience for everyone who visited the company’s website.

Another very successful example of personalization is the Samsung Frame Edition TV. Its display is framed, in the on the state it is a high-quality UHD TV, in the off state it is a work of art that the owner chooses based on his taste in interior design (an option of 100 famous paintings by artists). The TV menu also allows you to download any user photos and show them in various modes.

Brand mission

Personalization can help the brand and business, but it can also support the mission and vision of the company. By personalizing, the brand goes beyond the standard messages and attracts its target audience to active participation.

This approach was taken by the non-profit organization, which uses smartphones to send doctors about the weight of children to doctors to prevent death due to a serious illness or pathology. The organization could not attract the necessary donations, and it was decided to develop a personalized design. The interface was modified right before the eyes of those users who donated money to save children’s lives. This led to a 100% increase in donations.

I’ll share a few more tips on successive steps that will help brands cope with personalization tasks most effectively.

Personalize with purpose

Before you make the breakthrough, make sure that you understand the strategic value that you are striving for. Will this be an ongoing part of your brand’s offer? Do you want to keep this approach in the long run or make a one-time share out of it? Having thought over these points, you can choose the most suitable approaches for personalization.

Less is more

If your personalization program provides an opportunity for consumers to create something of their own, offer a simple and easy design template as a starting point. An empty canvas can cause frustration, and vice versa, an overloaded design may seem too complex and scare away potential buyers.

Let people share

If you offer consumers the opportunity to create something of their own, do not leave it just like that. Take the next step and help them share the result of their work with friends and acquaintances. This will give your brand even more opportunities to communicate with a new audience.

Do not overdo it

Business Insider found that 67% of consumers find some personalization tools, such as face recognition technology, “intimidating.” Consumers want to feel that brands understand them, but they don’t want their privacy to be compromised. Your brand should be understanding, but unobtrusive.

There is no more original way to carry an advertising message than through company gifts. These are delivered only and exclusively to customers and workers of the company.

They are initially an investment that, in the long term, will significantly increase the income of your organization, as well as its recognition.

And not only that, but corporate gifts also give the corporate image a formal, serious and appropriate sense that will positively impact everyone who gets the functional gift. If you want to know more about this topic, here you have all the necessary information.

Customized corporate gifts

The most significant part of the company gifts is that your brand will be defined in each of the products that you will provide to those close to your organization, in this way it will have its unique, creative and innovative seal.


The best-known companies have chosen these methods to retain their customers more, and have effectively achieved it. The confidence of consumers and workers increases after being part of a gesture of thanks that implies being included in the business principles.

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