Less Is More: How To Make Minimalist Brochure Templates

01 Mar 2022
Less Is More: How To Make Minimalist Brochure Templates

We all know that brochures are essential promotional products to sell our products. And if you are planning to launch your business brochure, you are already aware of the importance of effective design and great content.

But how do you create eye-catching brochure templates? The answer is simple: reduce the information into fewer words or pictures to be more impressive to readers. And for this, you have to use the minimalist design style in creating your brochure.

This will help you achieve a clean and simple look that makes your business look professional. Below are some helpful ideas that will guide you in making your minimalist brochure templates.

1. Use Of Space In Your Brochure Design

The space in your brochure is as vital as the words and images. With innovative design, you can make a brochure that looks clean and simple. It would help to leave some areas blank or single-coloured ones to emphasize what matters most. Then the use of borders will help you create white spaces that bring life to your material.

Use Of Space In Your Brochure Design

2. Choosing A Typeface For Your Brochure Examples

When it comes to choosing the ideal typeface, then you need to consider more than just one. Make sure that your choice will match with whatever is next to it. Minimalist designs benefit more from sans serif typefaces since they appear clear and concise. You can also use single line or sans serif fonts to create a single-column layout.

3. Clean Layout & Typography

Finish your brochure with a clean and simple look by avoiding textured backgrounds or large images in taking up most of the space. You can also put some blank spaces beside each graphic element to not be too cluttered when placed side by side.

4. Photographs Or Illustrations

Photographs or illustrations are an important part of every business brochure design. But when you plan to use photographs, make sure that they complement the overall layout. Keep your images simple and create a focal point by enlarging specific ones.

5. Integrating Technology Into Your Templates For Brochure

With the help of technology, there is no need to settle for less when you can make award-winning minimalist brochure templates. You can only use the computer software that will enable you to produce quality brochures without wasting much time and money.

6. Using A Brochure Maker

A brochure maker will help you create your publishing software for free. All you need to do is use their templates and tools to make the best minimalist brochures. This will surely be an effective way to promote business or products, primarily if it uses unique designs.

Brochure Maker

7. Don’t Be Strict With The Template

If you’re strict with the template, you may not get the best minimalist brochure templates. A good designer should create stunning brochures that can get noticed at first sight – this is why it’s better to have a free hand in designing your brochure rather than being stuck with the pre-made template.

8. Proofread Your Free Brochure Templates

Ensure that you proofread your brochure materials before sending them out to the printers. Double-check all the necessary information and delete any unnecessary words or images to create a simple yet attractive design for your business.

9. Make Use Of Folded Brochures

Minimalist brochure templates are perfect for folded brochures since they make every element stand out. But you need to consider more than just one column design. Instead, opt for double or triple folds to create an impressive layout. And if this is your first time creating a marketing brochure, then you can read these helpful tips in designing a high-end brochure design.

10. Use Bright Colors

Bright-coloured minimalist brochure templates can help your material stand out. But you need to consider using only one or two colours to make it look beautiful and eye-catching. When choosing the colour scheme for your brochure, you can refer to these popular colour schemes that you can use for any business material.

11. Go Simple With The Graphics

Start with a single-colour background to make the graphics appear clean and straightforward. Avoid using multiple textures, gradients, or large images because they will only distract your viewers from reading what’s inside. And if you want to use some illustrations for your brochure design, then colour is not always necessary – grayscale shading can also do the trick.

Head over to Venngage to make a simple infographic or diagram.

12. Get Trained In Design

Having excellent knowledge when it comes to design will significantly help you in achieving your goal. You can ask for advice from professionals or even study brochure design basics. Either way, learning the proper design techniques is necessary to create high-end minimalist brochures that will surely impress whoever sees them.


Making your minimalist brochure templates is not that difficult if you know how to make a brochure. You can follow some helpful guidelines in making an effective design without straying away from the primary purpose of its use. So don’t be afraid to try something new on your next project and create a winning look for your business brochures with the help of these helpful tips.

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