How much does a website cost in Australia

02 Jun 2021
How much does a website cost in Australia

Estimating the exact website designing cost in Australia is one of the biggest concerns that is faced by business owners in the existing times.

When it comes to website design, numerous business owners hold no inkling of what is required for creating an efficient website. This is why these business people struggle with calculating the cost of a website design, development, and hosting and further spend a lot of their valuable time contemplating the amount they will be required to own a great website that is at par with their competitors. 

What is required for a good website building?

To develop and build a good website for your business, you will require a lot of things ranging right from excellent project managers to website developers, designers, content writers that can assist you in building a commendable website that is sure to take up your business to new heights.

Mentioned below are a few factors that are highly required while building a website. 

  • Proper Planning 

Proper planning is one of the most significant factors that play a pivotal role in building a website.

Hence, it is always advisable that before you start getting your new website built, you must essentially plan out the exact layout for the website after a thorough discussion with the freelance website developer or a web development agency. 

Under this discussion, you can always plan on what kind of website will suit your existing business, what must be the domain name, what all features you wish to add to your website, along with your projected budget for getting the website built by the developers. 

In addition to this, having a thorough discussion will assist your website development agency or the freelancer developer to work on your specified requirements and further ensure that they hold proper resources that are required to build your website and that too in your set budget range. 

  • Outstanding Project administration

A good website development necessitates a project administrator who can plan the entire website along with managing website developers, content writers, and designers who operate collectively to develop a website and further assuring that there is regular progress in the website development. 

This project administrator will additionally be responsible for presenting you with real-time updates along with discussing the progress of the website and taking your inputs and suggestions for further improvements. 

  • Good website architecture and design

Another most important factor that plays a key role in website development is to choose a good site architecture and design. For choosing this site architecture and design, you can take the assistance of your project administrator, who is accountable for chalking out your website architecture and how the website pages will connect.

This strong and proper connection between the web pages will assist your users in operating the website comfortably and always obtain all the information that they are seeking. 

Apart from this, website architecture is likewise a fundamental feature of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) that aid online search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo to comprehend what is the main purpose of your website so that these search engine can assist people who are interested in your business by directing them to your website. 

Your project administrator might further perform some analysis on the search engines to identify the structure of your competitors’ websites and identify what links they are using to obtain more traffic.

This process can likewise aid the content writing team in structuring the content of the web pages according to the user requirements so that your clients always find that information relevant. 

  • Excellent Content Strategy

Planning an excellent content strategy is another factor that is highly required when you are contemplating building a website for your business. You must ensure that you fill up your site with relevant and informative content to educate your guests concerning your services, products, and the problem that your business resolves for them. 

Well-composed web pages hold the potential to retain your site guests, prompt them to continue browsing, and further compel them to convert on your specified call to action.

Hence, it might not be wrong to state that content writing is the most significant aspect when it comes to building a good website. 

Therefore, you must always ensure that you hire expert content writers who further hold the knowledge of writing SEO-friendly content

  • High-quality web media

High-quality website media comprises the use of videos, images, and graphics for enhancing the look and appeal of your website. This excellent quality media holds the power to seize your guests’ attention and assist them to comprehend your assistance. 

It can further aid you in formulating your brand identity. However, one important thing that you must always note is to use stock images for your site.

Apart from this, to make your website more visually appealing, you can also take the assistance of graphic designers and video producers to assist in creating high-quality graphics and video for your new website.

  • Stunning website design

Website design and layout is the foremost thing that clients see when they visit your website for the initial time. Hence, you must always hold your initial impression right by hiring some great website designers who can plan out your website design and layout that can enhance the user experience. 

Apart from this, a good website designer will further ensure that all the striking features of your product or service are prominently placed on the website to capture the attention of your guests and convince them to get converted.  

  • Complete website development

Once all the above functions are performed, the website developer will then convert your under maintenance site into a fully operational website. The website developer will further ensure that your website holds quick loading speeds and is compatible on the web, mobile, and tablets. 

These website developers might additionally create custom features for your site to assist it in standing out from other rival portals or integrate your new website with your organization’s interface that allows you to automate your business processes. 

  • Final website testing

Once your website is fully developed, your website developer will conduct final testing to ensure that your website is running properly and there are no technical glitches. Apart from this, the developers will further ensure that the loading speed of your website is fast so that there is a lower bounce rate. 

This final testing of the website is essential to assure that the visitors of your website hold a good experience and there are no broken links due to which you hold a possibility of losing your potential clients. 

  • Website hosting and Maintenance

Once the final testing of your website is done and you wish to make your website live, you will require hosting for your website that allows users to connect with your website. There are numerous hosting providers online in the present time that can provide you with comprehensive website hosting solutions. 

The approximate cost at which you can obtain a hosting service for your website ranges between $60 to $80 per month, depending on the kind of services that you are choosing.

Apart from the hosting services, your website will further require regular maintenance along with the recurring cost of domain renewal, purchase of plugins, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate, and security software. 

Why should you never opt for an Inexpensive Website Layout?

A good website always holds the power to position and portray your business as a brand and make it emerge as a market leader. A high-quality website can further act as an investment and generate higher revenues by targeting the right set of audience and getting them converted on the specified call to action button. 

These are all the reasons why you must never opt for an expensive website layout because this website is the fundamental foundation stone on which the entire future of your business is dependent.

Investing funds in an inexpensive website layout can hamper the visibility of your website as they are not completely SEO optimized. 

Apart from this, cheap websites do not hold expert website designers and content experts who can create a convincing website design that can compel the visitors to get converted.

In addition to this, an inexpensive website might need added efforts later to work on the software code, fix mistakes and renew the website layout to grab the attention of your customers. 

Hence, you must always ensure that you do not waste your time, efforts, and money in investing in an inexpensive website that is not going to generate any revenue or drive traffic to your website. 

What is the average cost of building a website in Australia?

If you are a business owner in Australia and looking for a tentative cost to build a website in Australia then you must not website cost in Australia is not fixed as such costs depend entirely on your website requirement. Listed below are the approximate price range of building distinct sorts of websites in Australia. 

  • Static and simple website for small businesses

Small businesses are usually the companies that have just started out and hold lesser products and services offering. The main aim for such small businesses to get their website is to boost their sales along with making their product and services reach a wider audience base. 

Hence, these businesses simply require a static and simple website that holds some prominent information about their business. The average cost of building a static and simple website in Australia can range anywhere between $1000 to $2500 depending upon your individual requirements.  

  • Designer website focused on increasing conversions

If you recently started up your business with a simple website and now wish to expand your business along with generating higher revenues and reaching out to more customers, then in that case you will require a designer website whose main focus always remains on client conversion for generating higher revenues. 

The average cost of building a designer conversion based website in Australia can be anywhere between $2500 to $5000. The main reason behind such higher costs is that these websites require high-quality design that can lure clients into visiting your website and getting converted to your CTA. 

  • Website for E-commerce business 

Out of all the distinct sorts of websites, an E-Commerce website is highly technical to build as these websites require a lot of database integration like adding a checkout page, payment gateway, product-related features along with add to cart option and numerous others. 

This is why the cost of building such websites is usually higher and the approximate cost always lies between $3500 to $12000. 

  • Website for large enterprises 

Websites generated for larger corporations are generally complex as it requires a lot of functionality to take the customer experience to a whole new level. 

In addition to this, larger corporations always look for a website that can make their operations smooth by integrating with the backend data of the enterprise along with numerous plugin options to cater to the exponential business needs of such an enterprise. The mediocre cost of building such websites can be a bit high and range between $12000 to $20000. 

Factors affecting website cost in Australia

There are always a lot of factors that can be responsible for affecting the cost of a website in Australia. Hence, if you are looking to get your website built at an economical rate then you must be aware of these factors below that can affect the website building cost. 

  • Website design 

The design that you choose for your upcoming website is something that is the biggest factor that affects the cost of a website in Australia. Apart from this, choosing the website theme and template can also be an added expense if you are planning to build your website within a set budget. 

If you feel that you do not want to go for this added expense of purchasing a website template then you can easily opt for the free templates that are available online. However, you must note that the choice options of such free templates are limited and there is a higher possibility that your website might look very common as compared to a website designed and created by a professional developer. Also, the cost that you can expect to pay for hiring a professional designer ranges between $500 to $10,000. 

  • Number of webpages 

Another important factor that affects the cost of building a website is the number of web pages that you prefer to keep on the site. You must always understand that a more number of pages will require more content and design and this can ultimately lead to higher website cost. Hence, if you want to build a website at an economic cost then always calculate the number of web pages you actually require for your site. 

  • Website Content

If you wish to cut down on expenses of your website building then you can always write the content on your own to save the cost of content writing. 

However, you must understand that professional content writers hold expertise in composing excellent SEO friendly content that can do wonders in attracting new customers for your business and generating higher leads. You must additionally note that the cost that content writer charges for writing per page of content can be anywhere between $300 to $500.

  • Website Media

A website always requires excellent photos and videos that hold the power to make your site look attractive and compelling. 

This is the reason why many business owners hire a professional graphic designer and video producer that can cost them around $100 to $500. However, if you wish to cut down on this expense, then it is always better to use free stock images that are available over the internet. 

  • SEO 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important factors that are responsible for ranking your website high on the search engines. This is the reason why you must always hire a great SEO specialist who can take care of all the SEO related operations along with interlinking your web pages to obtain higher visibility. 

Apart from this, a qualified SEO expert will further understand the know-how of backlinking that can generate higher revenues through client conversions. The approximate cost that an SEO expert can charge for your website can range between $500 to $2000 per month. 

Do’s and Don’ts while hiring a website developer or designer 

If you are planning to get a new website built for your product then it is more than important that you keep in mind certain do’s and don’t while hiring a professional website developer. 


  • Hold a solid understanding of the purpose of your website 

Before you move forward with hiring a professional website developer for your website, you must always hold a solid understanding of the purpose for which you want to build a website. 

This understanding of the purpose will make sure that you communicate with your designer and developer in a better way so that you are on the same page. Apart from this, it will further enable your developer to work on the set guidelines to avoid multiple revisions time and again. 

  • Always keep a set budget in mind

If you wish to build a great website at the most reasonable cost then it is always better to hold a set budget assigned for your website development. In addition to this, you are further advised to explicitly discuss all your budget expectations with your website designer and developer so that they know the exact price range under which they need to operate and build a website for your business. 

Additionally, you must always understand that there might be certain increments on the website cost due to various factors and you must always remain open to such increments. 

  • Do some market research

Before hiring a website designer or developer, you must initially perform some extensive research concerning your expected website. You must additionally look at your competitors’ websites to analyze their website design along with its structure. 

Doing extensive research before hiring a website developer will ensure that you choose the right website developer who can build a great website as per your set budget and specifications. 

  • Take valuable suggestions from your website developer

No matter how well-researched or well-versed you are with the design and layout for your website, it is always advisable that you take some valuable suggestions from the website developer. Since these developers have remained in this business for a long time and worked on designing countless websites, they can always present you with some valuable pieces of advice that can assist you in generating better revenues. 


  • Never hire inexperienced professionals

If you wish to build a good website for your business then you must always ensure to hire experienced professionals who hold an amazing work portfolio and great testimonials from past customers. Moreover, hiring an inexperienced professional will not work in your favor as they will not hold any previous experience of how to create a good website and you will simply end up wasting your hard-earned money and valuable time. 

  • Avoid working with offshore website developers

When you plan to hire a website developer for creating a website for your business, you must avoid working with offshore website developers who work remotely. The main reason why you must not hire offshore developers is that they will not be able to communicate properly and this might lead to incorrect website design that would require a lot of revision work.

In addition to this, due to the language barrier, these developers will be unable to develop quality content which can hamper the overall SEO of your website and you might not be able to rank better on search engines. Hence, you must always ensure to hire a developer who is based out of Australia so that the communication gets easier. 

Wrapping up

After all, is said and done, it can be inferred that a website plays the most significant part in promoting your business online and generating new leads. Hence, when it comes to website development, you must understand that this is not an additional expense. Rather, it is an investment that you make for the bright future of your business. Therefore, you must always ensure to invest in high-quality website development to unfold its unreal magic.

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