Top 5 Family Lawyers in Melbourne 2021

15 Jun 2020
Top 5 Family Lawyers in Melbourne 2021

Lawyers specializing in family matters are growing in number, and this is a direct result of the number of cases there are in Australia every single day. Family law covers cases that are joyous (like adoption and surrogacy) and also some heavy issues (life separation and divorce), and handling these cases are not easy. This is why more and more trained professionals in this field are making their mark so that people can reach out to them for guidance.

List of Top Family Lawyers In Melbourne

In this article, we have discussed the best family lawyers in Melbourne. If you are looking for these services, please go through the information presented here before you make a decision.

1. Blackwood Family Lawyers


Located in Melbourne CBD, Blackwood Family Lawyers is a firm that specializes in family laws and everything associated to that niche. Approved by the Law Council Of Australia, this law firm has some of the best lawyers who have a collective experience of working with families for over 50 years. They are so popular because they are very reliable and offer services at a very reasonable price.

People shy away from lawyer services because they feel it might be very expensive, but this firm offers an approachable and friendly service that is also quite cost effective. You can reach out to them for simple advice and consultation or even for legal representation. Blackwood Family Lawyers will always have your back!

Contact Details – phone number: 03 8672 5222
Services Offered – Lawyers that assist with separation, divorce, children and parenting, child support issues, child maintenance, property issues, financial settlements, spousal maintenance, asset protection and intervention orders.

2. Thexton Lawyers


Thexton Lawyers deal with family law matters as well as criminal law matters as well. Here, we are only discussing their family law department, which is so well-known in Melbourne. One of the main reasons why they are so popular is because they approach all delicate family matters with gentle care while giving you the straight-forward advice you need.

With over 15 years of experience, Thexton Lawyers are some of the best in the city and have all the credentials which will help them gain your faith. They are extremely result-driven, which is why you can also review past cases that they have handled. Professional yet empathetic, this is a law firm that you can trust.

Contact Details – phone number: 0396707330
Services Offered – property division, consent orders, children matters, domestic violence, binding financial agreements, divorce, criminal law requirements.

3. Testart Family Lawyers


Covering all areas of family law, Testart Family Lawyers have a team of experienced and well-trained lawyers that are equipped to handle all types of family cases, no matter how tricky they may be. They offer reasonably priced services and give you a peaceful resolution. Extremely trustworthy and reliable, you can count on this law firm for the best outcome.

The principal daily lawyer of this firm is Marc Testart who has prior experience as a barrister and in court-room advocacy. He has also handled some of the most major family law matters, which makes it easy for his clients to trust him and his firm.

Contact Details – phone number: (03) 9854 6212, email address: [email protected]
Services Offered – lawyers assist with divorce, property and financial settlements, pre-nuptial agreements, binding financial agreements, de facto and same sex relationships, children and parenting orders, family violence and intervention order applications, spousal maintenance, child support, hague convention applications and contravention applications.

4. Farrell Family Lawyers


Annmarie Farrel, Winning Wang, Brynne Allen and Mimi Oorloff are the family lawyers that are highly respected in the field of family law and in Melbourne. With a combined experience of over 40 years. They pay a lot of attention to the individual aspects of each case, which makes it unique from any other case because let’s face it, every case is different, and deserves a new approach that hasn’t been used before.

After assessing the situation, they give you the best possible solutions that you can opt for. Not only do they give great practical advice, but they also add a very personal touch, making them one of the top choices in Melbourne.

Contact Details – phone number: +61 3 8393 0144
Services Offered – alternative dispute resolution, divorce, separation, parenting disputes, property settlements, same sex relattionships, spousal maintenance, child support agreements, financial agreements, child relocation and international child abduction.

5. Nicholes Lawyers


This law firm prides itself on its holistic approach to each and every case they undertake. Family matters can be tricky because a lot of emotions are usually involved in these, and it can get difficult to see clearly when you are overwhelmed with emotions.

This is where these talented lawyers step in and let you see the picture clearly, gently guiding you to the best solution possible. They also work in tandem with psychologists, counsellors and financial advisors so that you get to assess all perspectives of the case and then make an informed decision.

Contact Details – phone number: +61 3 9670 4122
Services Offered – adoption, alternative dispute resolution, binding financial agreements, child support, children related matters, family violence and intervention orders, financial matters, LGBTQIA+ matters, international child abduction and relocation matters, separation and divorce, surrogacy and advising schools.


All the law firms presented in this article have been selected on certain criteria such as client satisfaction, certification and google ratings.

If there is any discrepancy in the content regarding these firms, we are not to be held responsible as all this has been collated from online sources. Please get in touch with the law firm directly in case of any more queries.

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