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5 Best Tips for Start-up Website Designs

March 29, 2022
March 29, 2022

Starting a business is an exciting time, but it is critical that you run faster than your potential competitors. 

We must mention that the best website design for a startup business should have the capability of presenting your new brand to the world. Your first impression has the power to make an impression on your audience that tells them what makes you unique. If you are a new business, no matter how much of a newcomer you might be, your startup website design should capture the imagination of your audience and convince them that you are here to stay. 

Digital technology makes it all possible! “Having a well-planned, user-friendly website that stands out among competitors can give your start-up business a big boost. That is what I have experienced” Alan Baird, founder of Renown Services was quoted saying. 

Read this blog, to know about the best tips for start-up website designs: 

1. Create your brand identity 

Create your brand identity 

Making your brand easily recognizable is a crucial aspect of our startup website design guide, which includes custom colors, logos, fonts, brand mottos, and other elementary aspects. When prospective customers visit your pages again, they will remember you. Creative web designers are available at very reasonable prices at our web agency. 

2. Clear Call To Actions 

Clear Call To Actions 

Especially for first-time users of a startup website, CTA buttons act as guides through the site’s interface. You should also give clear indications of the action CTAs represent, preferably with verbs.

The buttons should also be presented in a logical order, with obvious colors and good contrasts.  

3. Add Great Multimedia 

Add Great Multimedia 

Add engaging and unique pictures and videos to the website. To grow your trustworthiness with your audience, use real photos and videos of your team and office on your startup website design.

Real videos can tell a story about your startup company. Ensure that you follow website accessibility rules, including allowing videos to start or stop when desired. Stock photos can be used, if necessary, but it is critical that they look natural and authentic.

Be unique – don’t look like one of the many dull websites on the Web. 

4. Full contact information 

Full contact information on website

Your physical address will add credibility to you by allowing your audience to reach you however is most convenient for them. Customers will appreciate the convenience of a Google map.

A contact form, finally, is a very common way to reach a digital business. 

Cash Your Gold has a perfect contact us form with google maps and full details as you can see in the screenshot.

5. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly with the fast loading speed

Ensure your website is mobile-friendly with the fast loading speed

You should be able to grab the maximum amount of audience with your startup website design. Therefore, if you want to successfully design a mobile-friendly website for a startup, you also need to consider the huge mobile market.

A mobile-friendly website offers the best viewing experience regardless of the device used to view it. Responsive web design can help you achieve this

Website speed leads to better conversions, traffic, and ranking in business. Startups, in particular, should pay attention to website speed.

Customer impatience makes them reluctant to wait for an unknown website to load

6. Optimise your website for search engines 

Optimise your website for search engines

If your startup wants to succeed, it needs Google’s attention. By selecting the right keywords, including keyword-rich content, using SEO-friendly URLs, and much more, it will receive a lot of this attention

Please contact us if you need help designing your startup website! 

Invest in a good website that can help your startup become a world-renowned company. Your business journey will be made easier with the help of our design and development experts! 


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