10 Ways To Avoid A Boring Web Design

24 Jan 2020
10 Ways To Avoid A Boring Web Design

Mistakes of designers can make your site useless to the customer. The visual design of the project and its competent presentation can help close the order and get the first money. This can help even if you are not very confident in your skill and facing a lack of knowledge or time.

Novice specialists make almost the same mistakes. Having familiarized yourself with the list of the main mistakes of designers, you will protect yourself from half the problems. It is better to learn from someone else’s experience than to collect the entire rake laid out in your path. There are several companies, such as GetMilk, that don’t only offer premium web design services, but also offer information on this subject – here’s a quick read on what you must avoid making your website look boring.

1. Lorem ipsum Text

Using rambling text is considered one of the most common mistakes made by novice designers. It is important to understand that a lot depends on the situation, and when the speed of work is more important to you, copy-paste is considered acceptable within reasonable limits.

However, if the entire layout is filled with meaningless texts, the customer will not even pay attention to the content and structure of the future site, but it will be much pickier about the design because you have demonstrated a complete lack of interest in his business.

Moreover, the use of fish text does not reflect the real use of content in the client’s area of ​​activity, so it is likely that your entire design will be corrupted as soon as the customer adds real texts to the site.

How to avoid it?

Very simple: always approach the new project fully equipped, browse competitors’ websites and immerse yourself in the sphere of activity of your customer. It is best to work with the content that is supposed to be posted on the site. If there is none yet, use the most similar one and do not forget to warn about it.

2. Complication and crowding

Designers often have these mistakes when they need to develop a site layout with a lot of information. Beginners often try to use every inch of space. Even in the most difficult situations, remember that the user cannot simultaneously digest a lot of content.

The desire to make the site compact leads to the lack of free space on the page, and it is impossible to read the information on such a site (and I don’t really want to). As you can see, the lack of space leads to the fact that the site is hard to perceive.

How to avoid it?

Clearly prioritize and determine which of the services you need to show first. Ideally, you won’t decide it (after all, you will not be an expert in this field in a couple of days), but together with the customer – he will surely have ideas and assumptions.

Having dealt with the priorities in the content part, proceed to create a layout. It is important to understand which of the elements design is, and which a useless design that only creates visual noise is.

3. No pictures

A website without pictures can be a big issue when it comes to getting user attention. Pictures create a visual effect far greater than plain text.

How to avoid it?

Use original pictures and even infographics to explain and deliver your message.

4. Excessive text

Content is important for SEO, but too much might not be a great idea.

How to avoid it?

Be concise, coherent and to the point. Respect the time of your readers.

5. Lack of emphasis

Any site is a visual image. Yes, it is far from high art, but you should not forget about the banal laws of composition, guides, and accents. You should “guide” the user’s gaze, telling him that the site is the main thing. If you create a design devoid of any accents, the site will look very boring, and the user will not have a drop of desire to study it.

How to avoid it?

If you are afraid to use bright and bold tricks, just look at how the emphasis is placed on the competition. Explore an adjacent niche. In just a couple of weeks, you will create a good reference library and you can quickly find good ideas for any of your projects.

6. Invariance

A quick, often not fully developed site layout has the right to live at the discussion stage, but any layout should be further developed. Often, after approving the basis of the layout, newcomers are afraid to make any changes to the design, fearing comments from the customer.

However, if the site looks more like a scheme than full-fledged web design, it is better to spend time and improve its visual component.

How to avoid it?

Just look at examples of designing the necessary blocks on Pinterest, select the most successful and integrate them. If in doubt, it always makes sense to contact the customer – it is in your interest to make the site beautiful and effective.

7. Do it all from scratch

Designer’s mistakes are often associated with the pursuit of excellence. Starting their first project, they want to create something unique, and then spend hours, or even days, with their future masterpiece, painting each icon separately.

This error threatens not only a loss of time but also difficulties with implementation. Moreover, completely focusing on the visual part of the design, you forget about the UX component, which makes the site uncomfortable, incomprehensible and inefficient.

How to avoid it?

Approach your work as consciously as possible, try to prioritize and plan your time, and do not forget the simple truth: the customer does not need a Monet painting, but an effective and selling site. It will not be superfluous to look at the references and competitors to understand how your ideas are applicable to the field of activity of the customer.

8. Font selection

Independent selection of fonts at first is a very risky idea. Typography is considered one of the most difficult design components for beginners because it can both spoil the entire site and save an unsuccessful design. If you fix the typography and work with the blocks, the site will become much nicer.

How to avoid it?

To foster a taste, often look for the most successful combinations, but for now, use the examples of successful works to select the optimal font pair.

9. Ignoring screens with different resolutions

Your site should look good on any screen, be it a 27-inch monitor, tablet or smartphone. Creating their first projects, beginners often rely on how the design looks on their monitors, completely forgetting that the user can view the site from a different size screen.

This leads to the fact that on screens with different characteristics, your beautiful and well-designed design crumbles into pieces.

How to avoid it?

Always remember that the user can access the site from any device. This is not a reason to draw a design for all known resolutions, but you should be sure that on most devices your project will look good.

Given these problems, you can make your layouts much better and more efficient. Do not be afraid of mistakes, because any new area has its own characteristics, and independent training always implies a certain “buffer” of time and energy that you will spend on correcting mistakes. Learn more about mistakes that you should avoid to make your website stand out.

10. Using conventional phrases

Conventional web phrases can be boring and most of the websites end up saying the same conventional phrases just because they think that’s the only way to go about it.

How to avoid it?

Try to come up with better ways of saying something instead of repeating the same old jargon. However, it’s also important to stick to a few catchphrases and even keywords that the audience is almost always looking for.


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